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Final Fantasy 14 Roleplayers Find Carrd As Destination For Creativity |

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imageFinal Fantasy 14 Roleplayers Find Carrd As Destination For Creativity |

FFXIV roleplayers put characters on display through the free site-building service given a lack of in-game resources and in lieu of third-party mods.

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    edited April 8
    Some MMORPG's have an in game biography feature, tags for roleplaying and roleplaying chat channels. The lack of these across the MMO spectrum is testament to how MMOs have abandoned the idea that they need to provided anything for role players.

    Back in EQ different races had their own languages, which you only came to understand them by being present when you could see such unreadable text, you used a chat command to speak in your peoples tongue. But the loss of roleplaying from MMORPG's is down to players as well, UO players used to run magic academies where players could go to "learn" magic, you rarely see that sort of level of effort these days. The first MMORPG's were built with role-players in mind, but over the years their proportion compared to the total player base has become tiny, MMOs are now swamped with players who have no interest in roleplaying.

    Now role-players have a make do mentality and Carrds is a way they can do just that. If there was a biographical feature in your MMO I would say stick to that, but if you don't have one you need to come up with something to overcome the way roleplaying has been side lined.

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    Thank you for the information and clarifying everything. Its some great help
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