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Guardians of the Glade - Protectors of the forest

AfritAfrit Member Posts: 288

The Guardians of the Glade is a fairly new, but high potentialed, RP guild on the EU RP server "Moonglade". We are mainly night-elves, although other races may be allowed. Our main concerns are to save the forests of Tedrassil and bring more RPers to the Alliance side of the server.

Currently, we do not have a guild website or forums, however, these will be added once we reach a number of members in which it is worth having them. We do not have a tabard yet either, as we are just starting. The Guardians of the Glade try to help players when and where we can, making the world of Azeroth a better place.

What do you need to join? What level do you need to be? The answer to these is simple. The only requirement we ask of you is that you are a hardcore RPer.

Post here or contact me (Afrit) on the EU Moonglade server.

Please note: This is a strictly RP guild. Any members who do not RP atleast 75% of the time on RP chat channels will be kicked.

P.S. No flame posts please!



  • -Akkarin--Akkarin- Member Posts: 33

    Sounds cool. But I just need to know a few things, are you on a roleplaying server? and if you are on a rp server, can you do pvp on a rp server?

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