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Is there a trial or something

demolishIXdemolishIX Member Posts: 632


 Sorry if this sort of thing has being posted before,but here it goes,does anyone know if there is a free trial for RF online atm,cause I could not find any sort of trial.I would like to try out the game ... if there isnt a trial is there a posibility that someone can PM me a buddy ley (if they are availeble)?

Thanks in advanced.



  • demolishIXdemolishIX Member Posts: 632
    Ok sorry,but why is everyone ignoring me...atleast a no or a flame strike will do .
  • StalJesterStalJester Member Posts: 66
    Someone from Codemasters told me that they MIGHT be starting one soon.

    Probably after Giga 4.

  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844
    i hope they do bring out a trial soon :P
  • karr1981karr1981 Member Posts: 59

    Hi guys

    Whilst i cant give out any details right now, i can say there will be a free trial soon

    as soon as im able to tell you guys more i will :-)


  • madrugamadruga Member Posts: 226
    no trial at the moment.

    Oh well !

  • KabaalKabaal Member UncommonPosts: 3,042
    I may give the free trial a go when it appears to see if it's improved any over the Beta. Although from what i've heard it hasnt :/

  • Hi Kabaal! im in TC on EVE. but i cant wait for this game..i tried the trial from the original servers (Japan, or tiwan, or whereever hey came from) it is a cool game but will b much better once i can acctually read WTF is going on

  • karr1981karr1981 Member Posts: 59

    Hi Guys, well its now been made public so i can let you all know

    head here for a 10 day free trial

    hope to see you all around novus


  • NikePortugalNikePortugal Member Posts: 21

    Takes me to a black backgrounded page with some writing and THAT'S ALL.. where is the fucking link?

    These sights make me mad.

  • NikePortugalNikePortugal Member Posts: 21

    Well Fileplanet is the only page that doesn't work for me.. crappy fileplanet... But GM Ulric from RF ONLINE actually SEEKED ME OUT and gave me a key over XFIRE!!

    If the game has support like that it can't be half bad!

    PROPS to Ulric and RF ONLINE support!

    Thanks!! And BOO to FilePlanet!! YOU SUCK!

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