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Neverwinter is going to be fundamentally changed this year!

YanocchiYanocchi Member UncommonPosts: 675
In short, it is apparently a move from 4th edition to 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. Developers have stated that the next module will introduce the biggest expansion ever along with the increase of level cap. They have changed classes in the past but now they are doing much more fundamental changes than ever before. They are even renaming all of the classes. For example, Great Weapon Fighter will become Barbarian.

There is a lot to cover but one of the changes is that they want to bring back healers. Since the launch of the game, in endgame dungeons one second you are at full health and the next second you are dead. Developers want to do something about that and make healing great again. :smiley:

Here is a list of some changes. The actual list of changes is going to be huge.

* Level Cap to 80
* All classes renamed and completely reworked.
* Paragon classes reworked.
* New class powers. Old class powers distributed differently between paragon classes.
* Feat system and companion system considerably reworked.
* Recovery, Lifesteal and Regeneration removed
* Accuracy and some other stats introduced
* Offensive vs Defensive roll system introduced
* Four new zones (Halaster's Undermountain)
* Rank 15 for enchantments and runestones.
Baldur's Gate Online - Video Trailer
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  • YanocchiYanocchi Member UncommonPosts: 675
    We can only hope that Undermountain doesn't also introduce a mountain of bugs. :neutral:
    Baldur's Gate Online - Video Trailer
    * more info, screenshots and videos here

  • MaurgrimMaurgrim Member RarePosts: 1,282
    edited March 2019
    About time and I really hope they change the whole campaign setup, all these gated dailies drives me crazy, Maze engine comes to mind, one quest a day to earn one vital object then you need 5 or 10 of them to advance the story.
  • YanocchiYanocchi Member UncommonPosts: 675
    They have always limited progression in each new campaign to last about 3-4 weeks even if someone wants to complete it as soon as possible. In the new module they will redesign the allocation of feats. Instead of allocating feats from each campaign separately, there will be a common pool of campaign feat points. The points can be allocated into a certain number of feats and a certain number of master feats.
    Baldur's Gate Online - Video Trailer
    * more info, screenshots and videos here

  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 21,354
    They're also removing the Foundry. They're dead to me.
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  • YanocchiYanocchi Member UncommonPosts: 675
    This January developers of Neverwinter made another really huge combat rework.

    * Companions can be upgraded from legendary to mythic.
    * Ten mythic companions required to achieve 100% companion bolster bonus.
    * All stats now have 90% cap. First, 50% cap needs to be reached with numerical stats and then other 40% with percentage bonuses.
    * Every class has a new stat called "forte". This contributes to raising three different skills.
    * In autumn they added mythic mounts. Five mounts are needed to achieve 100% mount bolster bonus.
    * It is possible to obtain and equip mount collars now.
    * Companions no longer have bonding runestones.
    Baldur's Gate Online - Video Trailer
    * more info, screenshots and videos here

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