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Sage Not Working After A Windows Update. What to Do?

henryrichard00147henryrichard00147 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1

Are you facing issues in opening the Sage 50 accounting software after you have downloaded the current windows version and updated it accordingly? Ever wondered, what could be the reasons behind it? It could be issued in the installation of Windows 10 update or when you were trying to install Windows 10 Fall Creators update. To get this issue resolved instantly, you must contact the Sage customer support or you can try these solutions manually:

Ø Select the Sage 50 accounting software icon on the desktop with a right-click.

Ø It will open a drop-down menu, from that select properties

Ø Now move to Compatibility Tab, and checkmark on the box which says, ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’



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