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Same PnP D&D Game Going On for 38 Years

AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 7,630
edited September 2020 in General Gaming

EQ1, EQ2, SWG, SWTOR, GW, GW2 CoH, CoV, FFXI, WoW, CO, War,TSW and a slew of free trials and beta tests



  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,432
    Lovely article thanks for highlighting it.
    Chamber of Chains
  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 18,321
    38 years of experience, just loving the idea. :)
  • AlBQuirkyAlBQuirky Member EpicPosts: 7,217
    I love the article, bu I'm gonna nit-pik here :)

    The world has been ongoing for 38 years, but not "the game." It has grown from 4 players to over 60 players now. That is NOT "the same game."

    Kudos, though, to Robert Wardhaugh's persistence in keeping his land going.


    - Al

    Personally the only modern MMORPG trend that annoys me is the idea that MMOs need to be designed in a way to attract people who don't actually like MMOs. Which to me makes about as much sense as someone trying to figure out a way to get vegetarians to eat at their steakhouse.

  • TheocritusTheocritus Member LegendaryPosts: 9,208
    Ugh I can't imagine being a DM for that long and trying to keep the game fresh and interesting.
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