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My experience so far

Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,604
edited August 2020 in Dauntless
I reinstalled Dauntless, here is my experience.

Graphics are gorgeous, with my new rig I can play more games at max setting and this is one of them. I usually am not into the art style but the graphics are crisp and render at a high resolution. 

Gameplay was just as I remember it, very intuitive and fun. Really like how the game pushes you in tight with the behemouth, dodging in and out of its head moves, tail swipes and running between the legs like Pippin and Merry  running between the horse legs !

Cross platform play works well. I've been grouped with  Xbox , nintendo and playstaion players, the p.c. player base seems small compared tot he consoles but again with cross platform play that is not an issue for hunting.

my main concern is connectivity to the server. I am not sure if it is me or the games and their location but I've experience a lot of connectivity issues Dauntless and Conquerer's Blade. With the ban coming on tiktok , it may be large dumps  goingt china.

If you don't want to spend money on a monster hunting game, or want something that's fun and friendly for all ages, this is the game. 
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  • Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,604
    edited August 2020
    These are some of the best special effects i've seen in along time ! There's a prism effect on the on behemoths that look amazing ! Been playing most of the day.

    I love that I can reroll  as well, if I want too. So I did that today and being a bit more careful about what I enchant #xD   
    - abandoning social media could possibly save the world.  
  • Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,604
    The more I play , the deeper the game gets. I was just randomly using armors that correspond with the behemoth threat type, like fire / ice vs ice \ fire ect. Now I've learned that there's a complete sub-level to armors and upgrading. 

    The Armor themselves will have the element type, then a sub  attribute, then a cell slot.
    As I am one who becomes addicted to build types, it really adds a bit a depth. Then I found another tree system for a mode called "Escalations". The scientist has a machine that can players can add bonuses to the character for the escalations mode. This system as 3 different varients and I imagine is part of the core end game, 

    I'm glad I revisted this game ! :) 

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  • lahnmirlahnmir Member LegendaryPosts: 4,311
    edited August 2020
    I can’t even begin to imagine how beserk you would go over Monster Hunter World, it is Dauntless times ten on every single front. Dauntless is Animal Killer Arena compared to Monster Hunter World. However, its nice as an in between game.

    'the only way he could nail it any better is if he used a cross.'

    Kyleran on yours sincerely 

    'But there are many. You can play them entirely solo, and even offline. Also, you are wrong by default.'

    Ikcin in response to yours sincerely debating whether or not single-player offline MMOs exist...

    'This does not apply just to ED but SC or any other game. What they will get is Rebirth/X4, likely prettier but equally underwhelming and pointless. 

    It is incredibly difficult to design some meaningfull leg content that would fit a space ship game - simply because it is not a leg game.

    It is just huge resource waste....'

    Gdemami absolutely not being an armchair developer

  • Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,604
    edited August 2020
    This game has a decent following on consoles, mainly Playstation and Wii 

    I'm also on my 5th reroll , #rip #xD 
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  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 7,630
    You guys make me want to try both.

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  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member EpicPosts: 4,547
    I downloaded it again today as I'm bored out of my mind trying to find something to play. Being able to use a controller is even a bonus as my brother often goes to sleep early and my keyboard makes a ton of noise (blue switches).

    Even tough it won't beat MHW, I still think it has it's own share of good attributes. I'll try to stick with the hammer for now, and check out the fists once I unlock them.

  • Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,604
    edited August 2020
    their twtter show 125k followers and for a game of this type, it is not a bad following imho. 

    This game makes me feel good about my P.C. too, it is the first title I can max settings and have amazing frame rates ! 
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