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What's your favorite MMO role?



  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,085
    I can play any class it really doesn't matter to me but the best class i ever played in a game was  the Beastmaster in FFXi.
    I couldn't believe it was the class i avoided until the very last,i was like man i wish i played this from the beginning.

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  • AdamantineAdamantine Member RarePosts: 4,449
    I have no clear preference really.

    I enjoy being dd, I enjoy being healer, I enjoy being tank ...

    ... IF THE CLASS IS FUN. Thats a BIG IF !

    For example, in Vanguard:

    Warrior sucked balls. Super complex in group, complete loser solo. I was looking for a straightforward all out damage class, and the VG Warrior wasnt anything like that.

    Paladin was alright. Good in group, good solo too, albeit a bit low on damage output.

    Dread Knight was GLORIOUS. Good enough in group, a king solo.

    Rogue was surprisingly fun to play, especially considering I'm no fan of that class. Unfortunately never got far because I only started playing in the last days of Vanguard.

    Ranger was always good. Not a fan of the class but it was definitely fun and varied. Like monks rangers had sequences of abilties for effects and they had a summon and they had stealth and a bit of healing and they could make their own arrows and and and.

    Monk I'm a huge fan of monks but the Vanguard one was a bit meh. Maybe it got better at higher levels but I didnt get to play them often enough.

    Bard was uber powerful and all, just didnt enjoyed them much personally.

    Cleric was my main class for the longest time. In retrospect not a good choice. Unkillable solo but also cannot kill squad. Still, it was fun.

    Shaman strong healer class, no complaints other than I couldnt play them enough and there was three variants too.

    Disciple was OP. Damage output insane, healing just massive, defenses unbelievable. It basically became my "monk" class.

    Blood Mage was amazing. Extremely high damage output. The trouble was that one couldnt handle more than one mob. There was zero defenses and while the Blood Mage had endless hitpoints and insane healing, more than one opponent and you couldnt get spells out anymore.

    Druid really isnt my class, but the Vanguard one was good and enjoyable.

    Sorcerer suffered a lot from them nerfing Chaos Volley. That was the most fun ability ! Otherwise it was a bit of a dull class.

    Enchanter was misnamed as Psionicist and not really my kind of deal; I never really got a feel for this class. Would have required a lot more practice, probably.

    Necromancer was just awesome. Still I wanted to have something like Chaos Volley on him. I'm not really the damage over time kind of guy.

    So, all in all, I most enjoyed Dread Knight, Disciple, Necromancer and I still enjoyed Paladin, Ranger, Cleric, Shaman, Blood Mage, and Sorcerer. Didnt like the Warrior, didnt like the Monk, didnt like the Bard, never really got into Enchanter.

    Rogue and Druid are two classes I traditionally rather avoid.

    L2 had really strong Rogues. The Tyrants (Monk) there also rock really hard.

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  • MendelMendel Member EpicPosts: 4,542
    How'd I miss this?  My role is Rezee/Comic Relief.  My preferred role may be anything other than Rezee.

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