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Free Sites To Download Music 2019

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The music industry continues to evolve to meet changing technology and consumer demand. Gone are the days when we just went to the record store and moved through the packed racks. In fact, in 2017, only 17 percent of music in physical form was bought (for example, CDs and vinyl). A whopping 80 percent were uploaded or broadcast. It is therefore not surprising that music sites continue to multiply, and sorting them can take a lot of time. Here are six of the best music download sites.

Amazon MP3, which was first launched in 2007, has become one of the largest stores to buy and download digital music. Amazon MP3 certainly deserves to be an alternative to the iTunes Store, as many songs and albums are sold at a very competitive level in the digital music market.

Despite the fact that Spotify is essentially a streaming music service, its special standalone mode also qualifies it as a music download service. In this mode, you can download and listen to thousands of songs without having to connect to the Internet.

Many music lovers consider Apple iTunes store the main music provider on the Internet. Apple fans use iTunes’s own software to access the Apple Store, which naturally offers built-in support for syncing music with your iPod, iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. You do not need to have one to use this service, however.

The Apple Online Store is more than just an online music service; other sub-stores offer music videos, audio books, movies, free podcasts, apps, and more. The social network (Connect) allows you to follow your favorite artists and communicate with those who appreciate them.

Chibyke is a media service that provides not only music tracks, but also video, audio books, soundtracks and free MP3 downloads. A digital locker will help you safely store all the tracks you have purchased in case you need to download them again.
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