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War Stories

AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 7,180
Pull up to the fire, grab a beer, and let's hear some.

For me it is often just the conversation. From a discussion with a higher level friend in EQ. I was also a ranger, and had just leveled.

Me: When do I get the trueshot ability?

Friend: Six levels ago.

Me: Damn it.

Me: What about this new heal. Is it any good?

Friend: Better than the last one.

Just ordinary stuff like that. I miss the friends I made.

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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,666
    This is why Wow Classic didn't do much for me. It wasn't the game I was playing at the time that meant so much to me, it was the people I was playing the game with. That's an experience that can't be recaptured.

    BINGO !!!!

    Every once in a while a forum user amazes me,makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.I often give up hope that anyone else is paying attention to what is really going on in the world and not just in gaming.So it makes me feel real good that someone just GET'S IT.Obviously if you are just a soloist you won't GET IT but for those ,the first experience in a new online mmorpg would still be something grand...or not lol.

    These games are really NOT very well designed,i even call them half assed efforts and this is not a stab at Blizzard but ALL of the game developers.

    It is the experience we have with other players that keeps us coming back.Perhaps one of THE most obvious,well there are two games to prove that point.

    AOC had a decent amount of players,times seemed to be going well.As soon as a few  people started to leave the guilds,others followed like the pied piper leading the mice out of the city.So everyone seemed happy then in a blink of an eye the game was dead and it happened very quickly.

    Another game was Rift,they couldn't even keep up with the server demand,millions of players.a few left each guild then those players lost their sort of game FAMILY.The game became a distant memory very quickly.

    So with Vanilla Wow,it is NOT about any one point in the game,it is the rekindling point that so many want to relive like their first days in a mmorpg.It doesn't matter what a developer does now,you'll never relive that same experience,the best anyone can hope for is that maybe you never got to live that experience and get to enjoy it for the first time yourself.


    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • cameltosiscameltosis Member EpicPosts: 2,534
    So, one of my favourite war stories.

    I joined LotRO at launch. Whilst I'd played SWG and a bit of FFXI, LotRO was really the first MMO where I "committed" whole heartedly. I joined a guild, Divine Retribution, because my real life boss was the guild leader.

    The first few months of the game were pretty great. I started thinking I'd be a quiet player, but love of the game and the dungeons made me want to join more groups. Eventually hit endgame, which at the time only had 1 24 man raid - helegrod.

    Raided that a few times in an alliance with a few other guilds, but it didn't go well. Our leader wouldn't use voice chat so we just couldn't do the hardest, final boss. The alliance fell apart and raiding stopped, our raid leader quit the guild.

    The "The Rift of Nurz Ghashu" launched, a new 12 player raid with a balrog at the end.

    I wanted to do it.

    So, I stepped up and took over raid leadership and went on a recruiting spree to bring us up to strength.

    That was the start of probably the best 3 months of my MMO career. The Rift was just an awesome raid, really fun mechanics, being 12 player it felt more intimate than the 24 man and more social. My leadership style had to develop very quickly which was a good thing. Between recruitment and leading raids, I helped build a really close knit team with really great PvE skills. Sure, developing DKP, signups etc was a bit of a drag, but it helped keep the guild running smoothly.

    The final boss was the balrog, a massive creature in a large room. Soooo many stages, typical fight lasted 30 minutes. It took us about 2 months from release before we'd cleared the rest of the raid and only had the balrog left. Man, it was a challenge! Took us another month to clear the boss, spending 3-5 hours a week trying to kill him. Most of the fight was OK, but right at the end, the last 10k of health, the balrog would start doing raid-wiping AoE. There was one way to finish the fight - captains had to use their buff, "in harms way", to absorb 100% of the damage from the rest of the group, combined with "last stand", which prevented the captain dying.

    This gave the raid 9-10 seconds to dump everything they had into the boss. If you missed it, you wiped. But, being the end of the fight, everyone is low on resources, low on cooldowns and low on concentration.

    For a few weeks, that was where we'd wipe. You fight for 30 minutes, then wipe when the boss has only 1k or 2k health left. A few times, under 1k. That's like 3-4 additional attacks!!

    Then, we finally did it!

    So much satisfaction involved, everyone on the team was ecstatic. For me, it felt like a massive victory, and whilst I had a load of fun getting there, it was still a lot of work. The team I had behind me was amazing and I'm still friends with some of them (in real life) today.

    After we killed the balrog, we headed back to the guild hall so that we could install our new trophy: the massive sword of the balrog.

    Then, we headed to the prancing pony to get drunk and brawl in the streets!

    Definitely one of my favourite periods of gaming in my life. The game and the mechanics were half of that, the other half were the people at the time. Many of that team then stuck with the game and the guild for years to come, but we never quite hit the fun of the Rift. Plus, fighting a balrog kicked ass!2
  • halidozhalidoz Newbie CommonPosts: 3
    That is amazing! You know I like it 
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