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What the hell did you do to my website?



  • SionedSioned Member UncommonPosts: 135
    hell this design is so bad guys.
    The whole design forums AND the main site ar the Worst this site ever looked ..  and my join date is 2006.....

    Why the hell did you thing this was a great idea?

    let me tell you its not.
  • cattohcattoh Member UncommonPosts: 1

    Very unfortunate that You guys dropped the ball on this one.
    With the exceptions of a few MMORPGs most of them are for desktop computers, yet the design of this page is focused on mobile users.
    I can understand if more people are using their mobile to come here, but You should not ignore the computer users (like Blizzard). The page looks ridiculous on my 2650x1440 resolution.

    You can no longer browse easilly through the MMORPG game list. Feels like the site lost it's meaning.

    Trying new things is important. Understanding when you did wrong and change direction is probably more important.

    God luck! Hope You see the light.

    disapointed User
  • phoenixfire2phoenixfire2 Member UncommonPosts: 143
    Is the site worse on a PC now than it was before?  I'd say yes most certainly.  Does it warrant the level of childish hyperbolic faux outrage I'm seeing in this thread?  Probably not.  Hopefully they will consider reverting it at least temporarily and then coming back with a PC/mobile version separate from each other.
  • UngodlyUngodly Member UncommonPosts: 10
    Right, I'll keep this short.
    I don't participate in the forums, but I used this site for a LONG time to keep up with MMORPG news.

    Ya'll are rightfully busting on them for these ugly and non-userfriendly changes, but this site is barely even about MMORPGs anymore. I get it, MMOs aren't as popular as they used to be, but when I come to a site called MMORPG.com, I don't wanna see crap about Star Wars Squadrons, HearthStone, Witcher or any other general gaming news. That's what other sites are for. 

    Focus on MMORPG, even if there is barely any updates, or close shop.

    The site is absolutely ugly, though, but its just the last straw for me.

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