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PS4 or Xbox for a slow old man?



  • derekpittxderekpittx Newbie CommonPosts: 3
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    I recommend that you decide on the games that you like..
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  • jitter77jitter77 Member UncommonPosts: 344
    Playstation definitely has the more twitch-less based exclusives. Things like Heavy Rain, Persona 5, Detroit: Become Human, Ni No Kuni II, Hidden Agenda, Until Dawn, etc. The Last of Us I + II should be fine if you play on easy too.

    Playstation has much more interactive movie type games like Heavy Rain and Until Dawn. It seems to be a genre Sony like to work with. Plus, more jRPGs which are usually twitch-less.

    Plus, you can pretty much get most of the Xbox exclusives on PC now and in the future.. so.. assuming you're already set up for PC gaming, Playstation is the logical choice to get access to everything.

    I have both consoles and I use my Playstation way more than my Xbox. Mainly because if I can play a game on PC, I will. The ONLY games I've wanted to play on Xbox that aren't on PC are Halo 5 and the Masterchief Collection. My Xbox is gathering dust tbh.
    i bought zelda for "my daughter's" switch.  I was worried it would be too easy and kid friendly.   However the game is very difficult and at times i find it overwhelming.   A lot of enemies will 1 shot you and you have to have good twitch timing to parry attacks.   There is no clear path you can spend hours basically nothing there are like 120 shrines (puzzles) some are pretty difficult to figure out and 900 korok seeds to find
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