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PvP time and energy

delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,512
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My backround with PvP is short and never gave an opinion is any direction.

I enjoyed battle grounds in WoW and did the rogue Turion Mills thing, but that was my extent. 

Several years ago my friend talked me into Battlefield 2.  This is several years after release I realize I walked into an unsuspecting dis advantage.  Having naive high hopes I created a sniper. 

I’m sure I would be a great real life sniper, with patients of deer hunting, and not moving staying still for hours at a time, let the target come to you and don't take the shot if the odds are bad…… One thing non deer hunters don't know is a symptom called "buck fiver". It's where adrenaline coupled with stress makes a person loose physical motor skills and mentely in capable of being rational.  It's very common and most have it until they gain experience.  The experience comes when you reach a point where you don't care !.... Once you realize you don't care, is when you overcome……. I've reached this goal, and convinced it would apply to video game PvP.

 I'll not mention 28 years experience in Kung fu, and unbelievable knowledge of how people react to combat.  I can go hours on this topic.


Soon realizing everyone else excelled with twitch combat, along with 360 view generated by un natural video game technology I should be good anyway given time.  My real life skills should turn the tides after nature of patients kicks in. 

NO…….. EVERYTHING WAS EXPLOITED !!!!!.... Everyone knew every trick the game had in their back pocket.  Absolutely nothing was natural to real life.  Their was not a single rock or high vantage point a person could hide on any map….. You were instantly found and quickly.  View distance and picking out movement was a game trick and in no way natural……. It was a video game natural, not a real natural.


Later I played Darkfall,

I must say, surprisingly more natural.  BUT Developers of a better system still had it's problems…. How do you reward experience?  In a video game it's a must or boredom will set in, it's a necessity.  Developers decided to go with a Prowse system.  Giving points for doing anything gains you strength.  

NO………EVERYTHING WAS EXPLOITED !!!!!...... Everyone, everyone, had huge hours invested. Mathematically is was bewildering how people found this time, totally impossible, yet EVERYONE did. Two months of doing suggested tree cutting and other skills will gain you nothing.  

Get this, I'm not making this up:

Every safe zone had a two room sewer system where you can improve you skill by redundant rat killing.  The room were packed solid of players.  Killing rats for hours, people were in when I got their two hours later still their !

I actually took a summer vacation and played countless hours all wasted. 

To each their own,

It's rush or a high !...... But time and energy, fully and un natural exploited, add P2W and cash shops..........really ? 

Black Desert Online comes to mind.

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  • Ancient_ExileAncient_Exile Member RarePosts: 1,303
    edited April 24
    PVP in gear-dependent MMORPGs with practically unlimited vertical progression (only limited until the release of the next expansion) will never work properly.  IMO.

    Major power gaps between players are highly detrimental to attaining any kind of balance and fairness in a PVP game.
    "If everything was easy, nothing would be hard."

    "Show me on the doll where PVP touched you."

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  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 14,398
    It has nothing to do with PvP. Exploiters exploit everything...period.

    I play Diablo 3 now and then and that has 0 PvP. What it does have is leader boards for each class solo and groups. On the PC many bot in order to hugely inflate their Paragon levels which makes them much more powerful.

    On the consoles, which have local save files (the PC is online only and keeps all game files related to your account online) players hack the files and edit to give items 3 sockets that should only have one or up the damage of weapons by factors of 10 or more.

    All of this simply to get their names on the leader boards in a 100% PvE game.
    “Microtransactions? In a single player role-playing game? Are you nuts?” 

    "... the "influencers" which is the tech name we call sell outs now..."
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