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MurkinzMurkinz Member Posts: 2
when i click on xiah, it loads, i press singapore server blah yeah. I press connect, it loads, i enter my ID and password, and when it comes to the world and server selection, i select tiger, it doenst work. It doesn't advance to the game, same with Dragon. Whats up? its not going to the game it just stays there???


  • Shadow_FoxShadow_Fox Member UncommonPosts: 47
    What you will soon realize is that the staff that handle this game are very bad. They don't tell players when the server is going to be down. There is never any indication that the servers are going down. The game is entertaining but I don't understand how they expect any feedback on the game when they don't keep you informed about the game. If you can't load into the game at that moment even though the status of the server says good, it's because the server is down. And they are not smart enough to even let you know on their very own webpage to tell you such a small detail. But just keep on trying throughout the day and hopefully the server will be up. Hope that helps.

  • MurkinzMurkinz Member Posts: 2
    Ok then thanks, oh and do you know the system requirements needed to play Xiah?

  • volty693volty693 Member Posts: 3
    xiah dun requirs much the servers down at the moment after 23th suposte to be open beta so come in guys


  • SuperX69XSuperX69X Newbie CommonPosts: 25
    edited April 2020
    This Doesn't Sound Like Xiah, Are You Playing A Different Game?
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