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Xsolla seems to be aware of what is happening

AnOldFartAnOldFart Member RarePosts: 543
They are now no longer asking for transaction ID. Just email address.

So they are going to refuse everyone
They will refund everyone... 


  • OrangeBoyOrangeBoy Member UncommonPosts: 213
    edited March 2020
    I'd bet $100 that Casp has went over the fallout before shutting the doors. Meaning he's probably talked to Xsolla or considered how Xsolla would react to mass charge-backs and that he's sure he won't be touched.

    If you guys do get your money back through Xsolla en-masse, I would be surprised. Otherwise I wouldn't hold my breath and bank on the lawsuit the guys are cooking up on the discord.

    Also, I read that the lawyer they're talking to is a relative with one of the backers, so either it's a legit attempt to get the money back or a shrewd lawyer capitalizing on the mob mentality for an easy payday.

    Just saying. Good luck with the disputed charge though

  • DeveronDeveron Member UncommonPosts: 60
    Haven’t heard anything back from them since March 6th and even a new ticket remains unanswered I submitted a few days ago. So yep, they know and probably knew beforehand. Don’t have any high hopes anything comes of this.

    They did refund all purchases within the 180d limit, tho this was a couple of weeks back. 
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