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Study: Foreign gamers are better at English than non-gamers.



  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332
    I watch a lot of videos and have noticed a very common trend.Foreigners want/need to get out of their country so are basically forced to learn various languages.There are a few YouTube people who can speak better foreign languages than the actual foreign people because it was sort of forced on to them.

    Language and gaming i feel goes in the opposite direction,people might play certain games because they can speak other languages and not the other way around.
    Myself i started playing my favorite game of FFXi before my Playstation friends arrived so i was playing with 99% Japanese players.
    I never had to learn the language because the game uses a translator and i did just fine.
    One thing i did notice and of course not enough actual experiences to make a blanket judgement but i have found on many occasions the foreign gamer's to be MUCH more friendly than the NA gamer's.
    If i put on m,y thinking cap and try to decipher the WHY i feel i have the answer.I base my opinion from listening and watching many foreigners talk to NA's.They seem to be more inclined to work hard and work together where as NA's tend to be a bit lazier  and a bit more selfish.This again is not a factual opinion just what i have experienced over many years.

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  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,652
    In a lot of countries people speak many languages from very young. When I was young in Malaysia I was already speaking 5 languages when I started talking. My mother and father used two different Indian languages , my neighbours spoke a dialect of Malay that hardly resembled real Bahasa Melayu as it was called then because it had many Siamese words in it. Since I grew up in a predominantly Malay community I studied the proper Malay only in school and my parents spoke the Queen's English because they were taught by the British when we were a British colony. The tradition of studying English in school and emphasis on English was very strong then because we had just gotten our independence and many of our systems were all still in English including our laws.

    Over the years that emphasis began to be replaced with Bahasa Malaysia which somewhat blunted our proficiency in English. However given our ability to pick up many languages from very young that is reflected in our culture, I think this makes it easier for us to adapt to other languages when we travel and live in other countries. Many  Indians even speak fluent dialects of Chinese and even attend Chinese schools in Malaysia. When the Japanese occupied Malaysia a lot of Chinese families entrusted their children to their Indian neighbours fearing persecution. These children grew up speaking Tamil fluently.

    It is not at all unusual for Asian countries to have this ability to speak many languages simply because our culture is so diversified and we are exposed from very young to many languages and dialects.
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  • AdamantineAdamantine Member RarePosts: 4,839
    edited February 2020
    Nah I've got no talent for languages.

    But I guess after having to use english for now like 30 years, I'm not completely horrible at it anymore.

    For example, I certainly watch all my favorite tv shows in the original language, i.e. english.

    I'm reading a lot in english, too, like Harry Potter or the Conan stories from Robert E. Howard.

    Except for Shakespeare of course. Shakespeare is best in the original Klingon. :|

  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    Nah I've got no talent for languages.
    Pretty much this. There can be a statistical majority to back it up, but stating "better" is still boils down to individuals and their talent on linguistics.

    The gamer part ain't a definitive either, the sample could be any activitiy people do for a longer timeframe and for fun - and in the end it's still up to each person.

    Exhibit a, myself without any talent in that department. I've learned english in school, and I'm a gamer since the time of ZX and Commodore. English RPG books for tabletop, english MUDs/MUSHes, as Adamantine above I read my favourite authors in english (at least those who wrote in english :) ), watch movies and shows that way, etc... and as the example shows 30+ years weren't enough to get above sub-par levels.

    Exhibit b, a buddy with a stellar talent on it, languages stick to him like glue (almost) literally. When he had to go to Germany he started to watch german tv and movies. After two-three months he was able to talk on a moderate level... and of course the result would've been the same if he plays on german servers. (sure, he was fluent in english and the two are pretty similar in structure, etc.)

    My point is, it's natural and ain't tied to gaming. If you do any activities on a foreign language, based on your talent you'll be a bit better, or a lot better on said language.
    Gaming's only advantage in this is being interactive, so I wonder what would the result be of a similar study on foreign redditers/forum users?  :)
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