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GDC Has Postponed Conference Due To Coronavirus Fears



  • ArteriusArterius Member EpicPosts: 2,857
    I think the real problem is both sides are right. This virus, in this strain is fairly new, we just dont know enough about it to say how bad it is.

    My cousin's husband is a doctor and talked to him earlier today. He told me that the news is over blowing things for sure but that's doesn't mean people should write it off either. It's good to be cautious because this virus had only been around for a few months.
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  • ChildoftheShadowsChildoftheShadows Member EpicPosts: 2,013
    Doctors will tell you to take precautions during regular flu season too and I bet the same people, “ oh it’s just the flu” spread it around like wildfire because they’re too stubborn and dumb to care. 
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