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Another "I need a new laptop" thread

valaroukovalarouko Member UncommonPosts: 12
I have a budget of $1400 and want to purchase a laptop that I can use for gaming and for work.  I want a computer that will last for about 3 years and don't care what type of processor (Intel or AMD) it uses as long as I can do everything.  Main games I play are BF5 and ESO.  (And yes, it has to be a laptop because I may have to travel for work).


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,127
    What's your use case?  Do you plan on running the laptop on the battery for extended periods of time?  If so, is that only while idle at the desktop, or do you want to play games on the battery?  Or do you expect to basically always plug it into the wall whenever you want to use it for very long?

    Are you going to carry the laptop around with you all day a lot?  Or is it just going to sit in a hotel room or in your home or whatever, and only occasionally be moved?  The former makes weight matter a lot, while the latter makes it nearly irrelevant.  And you can get a lot better cooling for a gaming laptop if you're willing to add weight and thickness.
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