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Can you believe this 3rd party tools argument?

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,150
So basically reading through the previous mistakes of the developers with Laborer journals, inaccurate bans, and Guilds making 3rd party investments was not enough when it came to breaking the rules they said wasn't allowed.

Now we got players using 3rd party cheaters to scan "Network Packets", and it looks like it's a big issue...

- Players are using auto scout tools / 3rd party cheats to to track pvp / players on a list and send discord messages / TTS (Similar bot) to those used in Dark Fall Online.

- The communnity manager says "Anything that modify's the game" but an (Overlay) that displays over an application is not a modification to a game (While posts say Overlays are forbidden) makes no sense.

- Game Forbids game overlays for Market Data, but is fine with a user accessing it on a 2nd monitor (Heck Steam Overlay) should be forbidden too?

So here is the real question questions.

- Why have the developers not put an (Add-On) function in the game itself like (WOW) / (ESO)?
- Why they claim (Overlays) will all have malware, anything a person downloads can have malware?
- Why not just make a API function like (EVE Online) and list all approved add-on's on the Albion Online site as well, and ban everything else?
- Remove in game Notifications so cheaters can't use discord bots to tell who is where
- Make it harder to scan network packets so cheaters can't cheat.

Oh and as usual, this thread is full of (Censorship), and (Locked / Closed) with an email saying to ask support because it's a big argument, and they really screwed up again :\

Guess we should all just be waiting for "Cyberpunk 2077" and "Fractured MMO" / something better with real development team.


  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 16,565
    edited February 2020
    At least you can come on here and talk about these issues, sort of like the emancipation of gaming. One thing to note though, if you use terms like "something better with real development team" in posts on the official forum you are just going to get their backs up rather than have them respond to you...but I am sure you would not do anything like that. ;) 
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