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[H-THRALL] Tired of Guild Shopping? Grievance is Recruiting!



  • piababypiababy Member UncommonPosts: 15
    We hope you check out Grievance-H on Thrall if you are interested in a new home.  

    I know there is a lot of excitement about what 7.0 has to offer and a few of us have been actively seeking information in Beta.  But we still have a lot to do in the xpac for fun, including many fun groups and new people.  We are also raiding with both experienced and newish raiders or returning raiders, helping them get geared and closer to or completing tier 18 set pieces.  

    We are at about 280 accounts and over 800 members, and we've recently made a big push within the guild to help people explore all the game has to offer.  Why are we doing this? We want to empower our guildies to find stuff to do using features of the guild such as:

    1.  our active TeamSpeak server;
    2.  anyone/everyone on TS letting others know who needs something or to assist those please form groups for content that is either needed or fun to do in a group;
    3. with our guild and friends, grouping for content at 100 in gchat, whether normal, heroic, or Mythic
    4.  guild grouping for Timewalking events;
    5.  using active gchat to look for others to play with or for tips on game play
    6. a very active and social forum where you can join in to look for content, to request something fun be done or find others wanting to twink or PVP; and 
    7.  enabling our guildies to utilize these channels to find who to play with, where to play, how to play what they need and how to form groups and be proactive.

    With a big, active guild like ours, you should be able to envision yourself in a group and join in the fun right away.  TeamSpeak, guild chat, and very active forums at your fingertips, Grievance is basically your guild to help find friends to play how you like to play.

    Most of us have either a background in serious raiding, working with guilds as officers, and dealing with people.  All of us within the game and are mature, non-jerks, orientation-friendly, non judgmental people as long as everyone follows the basic guild charter and Organizational charter.  

    Why did we come to Grievance?  All of us share that in common:  looking for a home.  Tired of guild shopping.  Tired of switching servers.


  • piababypiababy Member UncommonPosts: 15
    We are now 13/13 Normal and 9/13 Heroic.  Not bad for a "casual" raiding guild working with a variable roster running 2 hours a night, 2-3 nights a week!

    Let me give you an example of what this guild has done to help each other out.  A guildie needed her Archimonde kill for the week last night, and posted a message on our forums earlier in the week that she was looking for helpers to join her in LFG on a night where our guild doesn't raid.  She was able to fill that roster packed full of guildies, some of whom already had done their Archi kill for the week on that toon, just to help out.  Ultimately, only about 4 pugs were added.  With the great majority of the group in TeamSpeak, the run went smoothly and our guildie was able to get that kill, with friends, by using the forums to gain support of her group.  

    Check out our community sites on [b]Twitter[/b], [b]Twitch [/b]and [b]Facebook [/b]to see recent guild activities, or log into and create an account to view our community sites! 

    Make a post on the forum called:

    Board index » Grievance Guilds, Clans, And Embassies (Applicants Apply Here) » Grievance Guilds » World of Warcraft » Apply Here to join Grievance in WoW

    and get into TeamSpeak to have your added to the guild in game.

    Grievance [b]Twitch[/b] stream is
    World of Grievance on [b]Facebook [/b]is

     <3  Happy Valentine's Day  <3
  • ZoleZole Member UncommonPosts: 8
    Hey all, it has been quite a while since I came to chat with you all.

    First and foremost, welcome to all the new players and returning players we have recieved lately, it has been very nice meeting and chatting with you all.

    The guild has been very busy, as I said with new recruits, and old returning members sparked by interest in legion, Evenings into early mornings have been very busy with an average of 20-40 people on in the evenings depending on the nights activites. 
    We have cleared full normal, and are currently working on heroic HFC getting to 12/13 last night.

    Mythic dungeons, heroic dungeons, rings runs, and even PVP has picked up here with new recruits showing interest in BG's and and Arena's, lately their has been something to do for everyone, with more things planned by various members.

    So if you are interested in a fun, social, casual, family friendly guild and gaming community give us a look at and give us a try, you just might like us.

    Take care all, hope to see you soon.
  • YumyumlolYumyumlol Member CommonPosts: 5
    Hi all! I'm Yum, one of the officers here in Grievance-Horde on Thrall. 

    If you've ever been on the fence about joining or are looking for a new home, there's never been a better time to join. 
    The expansion has been announced for August 30th which is just about 20 weeks and we couldn't be more excited about it! That doesn't mean we're slowing down though, if anything were building steam. 

    We're still raiding 3 nights a week casually with a focus on heroic (13/13) and one of the nights focused in normal HFC for new people trying to get into raiding. We're starting weekly RBGs and arenas with our new pvp focused officer Vhelk, and we're constantly running old raids for transmog and achievements with Frostmaggot at the helm!

    We've also got plans for the future with a herald of the Titans group in the works!

    Grievance is all about the people. We're a family friendly guild just trying to offer a fun and positive environment for new and old friends alike. Most of our members spend a lot of time on TeamSpeak just shooting the breeze! If you find yourself sitting in your garrison looking for something to do, or WoW just doesn't have that same charm it used to, surround yourself with great people and great things will happen. 

    If you're interested, please check out our website or get in touch with someone in game for some more information. /who grievance and anyone can point you to an officer. 

    I look forward to meeting all of the new people!!

  • YumyumlolYumyumlol Member CommonPosts: 5
    Hey everyone! Our community here in Grievance just keeps growing and growing. It's so nice to see so many fresh faces and to be greeted by friends nightly.

    The expansion is nearing it's end, and it seems like just about everyone has caught a case of the Legion hype. We have new members joining almost daily and returning members coming back after an incredibly long raiding tier. 

    Grievance is always looking for new people who have a community mentality and want to make lasting friendships to enjoy the game with. Even though blizzard isn't helping much, we're constantly running guild events and trying to keep the game fresh. We're still doing weekly HFC where we're 13/13 on normal and heroic, and even have a night dedicated to lower geared players to get their intro into raiding!

    On top of all the raiding fun, we've been preparing for our Herald of the Titans runs at level 80, old content for transmogs and mounts, and a bit of pvp (which some of us plan to hit pretty hard in legion)

    We hold a monthly tabard design contest where we bring awareness to aspects of life that ring near and dear to the hearts of our members. In the past we've supported awareness of things like autism, celiac, PTSD, and social wellness. We have each others backs in game, and out. We really have become one big happy family.

    If any of this sounds interesting to you and you're interested in making friends and getting the most out of a social community, come give us a visit at

    I'm looking forward to making new friends!
  • TyragniTyragni Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited July 2016
    I started playing WOW during Vanilla and played all the way through WOTLK until Cata came out. After Cata came out I pretty much fell out of WOW because a lot of my friends had left the game and the content just wasn't fun for me. I came back briefly for MOP and then WOD, but didn't last long until I unsubbed again. I stumbled across a trailer for Legion and started reading about the new expansion and the changes and decided to come back. Since all my friends were gone from WOW, I pretty much just played PvP and did some exploring in WOD until a military friend and I discovered we both play WOW. My friend told me about Grievance and I reached out to apply to join the guild. I knew I found a home when I started talking to Kaimato, YumYum, Shifty, and Vhelkur. If I would of discovered Grievance prior to the Cata release, I can guarantee you that I would of never taken a break from WOW. I can't even begin to list how amazing it has been to be a part of the Grievance family. 

    The great thing about Grievance, is that they hit every aspect you can think of for the WOW gamer. From the laid back casual WOW player who logs in a few hours a week, the Pvp'er, the Raider, etc. There is someone on almost all the time and it's easy to find someone to help you out on something you may need assistance with. There's plenty of knowledge within Grievance for those learning a new class or wanting to pick each others brains to finely tune their rotation and improve their playing. There is not enough words I can say to praise how happy I am being a part of Grievance. Come check out Grievance and see for yourself. 
  • YumyumlolYumyumlol Member CommonPosts: 5
    Legion is upon us! We're past our first month into the expansion and couldn't be having more fun. Our family has really grown over the past few months with people returning to the game. It seems like everyone caught the legion hype.

    We've begun raiding and are already 7/7 normal and 5/7 Heroic EN and man is it a blast. Begin able to progress at our own pace has really made this tier enjoyable so far. We currently do full normal clears on Tuesday and Saturday to make sure everyone who wants to come in has a chance, and we have our progression focused thursday night raid. Our goal is to have raiding at different levels, so no matter your progress, you can jump in and have a good time.

    We've also started guild pvp! Our new Warlord Tyragni has made Friday nights "Grievance PVP" where they focus on random BGs to level honor talents and begin RBGs this week.

    We're still doing our monthly awareness tabard where guild members choose a cause to bring awareness to and then create a tabard to go along side it. This month we're doing Breast Cancer, so everyone is running around with pink tabards!

    We are an 18+ family friendly community that welcomes all with open arms. If you're returning to the expansion and your friends dont play anymore, dont just sit in dalaran alone. This game is so much better when you play with people and make friends, take my word for it. 

    If any of the above interests you, please visit us at our website, register an account and put in an application in the world of warcraft section. 

    Best of luck to everyone and enjoy the expansion.
  • YumyumlolYumyumlol Member CommonPosts: 5
    Months into Legion and we're showing no signs of slowing down! New people are joining regularly and people are returning to enjoy this great expansion. If you're looking for a 18+ family oriented guild, Grievance just may be the place for you!

    We're still raiding regularly with 7/7 H EN and Mythic Nythendra under our belts. The new addition of Trials of Valor bring a welcome challenge and we're currently working through clearing it on Heroic. We still offer raiding at different levels, so if you're experienced or just want to dip your toes in, we have a night for you!

    For the holiday season we're doing an "Ugly Sweater" tabard contest. Guildies are encouraged to come up with their designs for us to rock through the holidays and man have we had some great submissions so far. 

    Theres never been a better time to play this game and it really goes a long way to play with people you enjoy to be around. Every one of us was new to the guild at one point and we've grown to be a wonderful, helpful community and family. 

    Visit our website and register to apply at to play with nice, warm, welcoming players!
  • YumyumlolYumyumlol Member CommonPosts: 5
    We're really looking forward to the new year here at Grievance - horde! We'll be jumping into the new raid and looking forward to all the micro holidays. 

    I hope everyone had a good holiday because I know we did. We took Christmas and New years eve off from raiding so everyone could spend time with their families, because thats what we're all about. 

    We have a bunch of people looking forward to the changes in 7.1.5 and getting our feet wet in Nighthold!

    If you're looking for a social community that treats others with respect and understands that real life comes first, register at and check us out!
  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    Time flies by, I just realized that I have been in Grievance now for 4 years!  I've gotta say, bar none, that it is the best 4 years of my gaming experience.  I actually did not start Grievance playing WoW.  I was on a break from WoW and playing SWTOR at the time and was just amazed at the community that I found.  Now that these four year have passed I consider some of my fellow Grievance members as some of my nearest and dearest friends.  I have even gotten the opportunity to spend some time with quite a few of them IRL at the yearly Family Reunion.  The key here is that is what Grievance is.  It is a family of great people who want to game together and just be part of something bigger.

    In WoW, we have made some good strides.  We have cleared normal Nighthold now, and have made some headway into heroic.  We have people daily running tons of mythic pluses, world quests, and pretty much anything else......even a BG here and there.  If you are looking for a great community and great people, look no further.  I see this being the last guild I will ever be in......and that's a good thing.
  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    Grievance has had a fantastic week in many aspects of the game:

    We have had 3 new recruits join our ranks.  

    We are getting tons of people clearing Mythic+ dungeons this week and getting them tons of gear and experience.

    We stepped back into Nighthold and got us a full clear of normal, including 1 shot kills on Magistrix and Gul'dan.  We also hopped into heroic and cleared Skorpyron, Anomaly, and Trillax...once again all 1 shots.

    Some of our members have been taking advantage of the pet battle bonuses this week too.  Ive seen a few Raiding With Leashes achievements pop up.

    If you are looking for a guild that is really more than just a guild, but rather its a home then come check us out!
  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    edited February 2017

    Another week down and another clear of normal Nighthold, and 3(almost 4) down in heroic. 

    We cleared many mythic+ dungeons this week as well as many Cataclysm timewalking runs to get some people and some alts some more gear.

    It was really neat as well this week to see many of our members teaming up in Heroes of the Storm to help each other to get the new mount that is currently being offered as a promotion.

    While we are having fun and doing quite well in raiding, we need some new recruits in our ranks.  We consider ourselves a serious, but yet casual raiding guild.  We currently raid 3 nights a week; Tue/Thurs 9-11 Est and Sat 8-11 Est.  If you are interested in coming out to raid in an environment where we get work done, but are in it for the community first…then come check us out.  We are not looking for any specific classes, we look for the player(and the person behind that player) and not the class(although some good healers would be quite welcome).

    Come check us out!  At Grievance you join a family, not just a guild. 

  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    We would like to welcome some new recruits into ranks: Brodius, DeadlyKitten, ValiantLeader, TrinityDarkane, RationLlama, Mustard, Maq, Senard, PayneRasera, and Jawrott.  It is great to have all of you new folks on board.

    In the Grievance WoW-H division we are here to not only play this game to our potential, but to build lasting bonds and enjoy each other's company.  Sometimes this means thinking outside the box and doing some things just purely for fun.  We have our monthly meetings, but we've decided to start having a little fun with it.  This last meeting we challenged the group to come up with the ugliest transmogs they could think of and brought those in attendance together for a collective screenshot(link below).  Next month's theme will be Vanilla transmogs.  Bring out all of your old school transmogs, and in the meantime we are running some old Vanilla raids and dungeons to build up those transmog collections and having a blast. 

  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    7.2 is now upon us and WoW-H Grievance is active as ever with it.  We have plenty of folks enjoying the new content that has been released so far and getting their rep up with Legionfall, doing demon portals, running the new dungeon, as well as all of the other mythic and mythic+ dungeons that have been retuned.  We have also made some progress with our raiding, now downing Spellblade Aluriel and Star Augur Etraeus on heroic and a near kill on High Botanist Tel'arn.  Great work to everybody on the raid team!

    We are always looking for any new member to join our ranks.  Grievance really is a family, and if you are looking for an environment like that I really hope that you will consider Grievance as your next and last guild home.
  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    WoW-H Grievance had its April guild meeting on Wednesday and everyone came decked out in their best Vanilla transmogs.  We not only had a great time with the meeting, the transmogging, and taking the picture but it was a blast  getting folks together and running those old raids and such to put these together.  Thank you everyone that helped make it happen.

    7.2 has now been upon us and folks are working their way through the Broken Shores and getting ready to start flying very soon, if not already.  We are always looking for new folks to join us in Grievance, and this guild is such an awesome group.  Look forward to seeing some of you soon!
  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    Wow, so much good stuff has been going on for WoW-H Grievance.  We have had an influx of some great new members...Welcome to all of you.  We completed Heroic Gul'dan and got our folks the Ahead of the Curve achievement.  Grats to everyone who participated. We have had a number of people complete their Mage Tower challenges and unlock their hidden artifact skins.  Nice work folks, those things are a pretty great challenge. Tons of folks have unlocked their flying in the Broken Isles as well.  Its a great time to be in the group, come join us for some guaranteed fun.

    We also had our May monthly meeting.  In this meeting we decided to throw it back to the Burning Crusade days so we got everybody to throw on a BC transmog and we met up where it started for a lot of our Blood Elf toons  in Eversong Woods.

    Next month we are going to be celebrating our meeting alongside the Thousand Boat Bash, so everybody is challenged to put together a Steampunk transmog and come on down to Thousand Needles for this one.
  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    It has been a great couple of months for WoW-H Grievance!  We have added some new great members to the team, and have been enjoying the Broken Shore/7.2(now 7.2.5) content.  We have been doing tons of Mythic+, wrapping up Nighthold progression raiding, and we are now having an absolute blast in ToS!

    We had our monthly guild meeting in June during the Thousand Boat Bash in Thousand Needles, and had a really fun time. We had everyone come in their best steampunk transmog, and it turned out really cool!  Thank you everyone who participated.

    In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating the fact that it is Summer and that it is hot outside.  We are getting our best Firelands/Fire Stuff based transmog and fun will be had.  If your transmog has something to do with fire, or the fact that it is freaking hot outside then bring it!

    If you are looking for a guild that you can absolutely call a second home, come on over and check us out.  We will be happy to have you!
  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    Lots of fun stuff has been going on with the WoW-H group in the last couple of months.  Our players are now in Argus and enjoying the new content there.  We have just a few more days until the new dungeon and the crucible unlock and eagerly waiting on those to come available.  Lots of mythic plus action, regular raiding, and a smattering of PvP to boot.

    We have been making good progress on ToS, sitting at 6/9 Heroic.  Really happy with our group. 

    If you are interested in joining up with a group that is not only a tight-knit guild, but a gaming community that is well established in the gaming-sphere come check us out.  Family, Honor, Loyalty is the Grievance motto, and it is so for a reason. Raiding and all the other content may be fun, but enjoying what you are doing with the people you enjoy it with is the most important!
  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    The WoW-H group has continued to plug along with the ongoing Legion content and we are gearing up for Battle For Azeroth! 

    We have cleared normal Antorus and starting heroic, still have Mythic+ groups running strong, a few people active in the PvP scene, and many of us getting ready to level some new toons with the Allied Races and new leveling revamp. Lots of things going on and we are excited to see what 2018 has in store for us.

    Grievance is an amazing guild full of amazing people, so come on over and settle into your second home. We don't bite, much......
  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    The Grievance WoW-H chapter has been continuing to chug along and now getting ready and ramped up for BfA, especially now that we have a release date. We are working on wrapping up the last bit of Heroic Antorus, and folks getting in their achievements and all their remaining Legion stuff in before we pack it up and move to BfA.

    If you are looking for a place to come put your feet up, or possibly hooves, look no further than Grievance because when you are are with family!
  • AchaikosAchaikos Member UncommonPosts: 16
    It has been a fun last couple of weeks for the WoW-H chapter of Grievance. We have been working on all of the raid achievements for Legion and a good portion of folks have their Glory of the Legion Raider completed, and we are coming towards the end of Tomb Raider and Argus Raider.  Also, tons of guildies have been banding together to knock out their Field Medic titles(only two more letters to go myself :) )We would love to have some new folks come join our ranks.  Come check us out! We do have cookies! Good ones too!
  • OgrunOgrun Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    If you're looking for a great place to call home, check out Grievance (WoW-H on Thrall). I found them during Legion and am still thrilled to be there. Want to raid? M+? Some occasional PVP stabbing of things? We've got people doing that and more.
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