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Fractured MMO - Housing Discussion

jahlonjahlon Member UncommonPosts: 386
Video Rehash of their Housing Blog

If you prefer to read:

If you prefer spin:


  • benseinebenseine Member UncommonPosts: 293
    edited July 2018
    Good point about the EVE Online thing when someone took all bank money. It should be easily tackled if the city/town/metropolis taxmoney can't be withdrawed, but only spent on city defences, infrastructure and npc wages directly from the city's bank account. And give that bank account an open history log for all residents to see, right?

    I got about as much referrals as you atm. They don't give that much points because most ppl are slackers and don't lvl up. I'm lvl 188 atm and most points are from the weekly contests. So keep making these video's and put them up for the ambassador drawings for 2000 points each. That is like 10 lvls each time.

    To all ppl that will register an account. Atleast get your forum account to lvl 10. That will unlock 5 free points a day. The game is pre-alpha atm, and like many ppl on this site keep saying, this game will take years to finish.. So that means if you register NOW, by the time this game launches, you will have build up some nice free skins and pets, and some cashshop gold to buy some more.
  • RofusEURofusEU Member UncommonPosts: 58
    Yeah, people really are slackers and don't bother leveling up :smile: 
  • jahlonjahlon Member UncommonPosts: 386
    The people that follow me around from game to game oftentimes do it just because I ask.   At the early stages it helps because it lets the company hit some milestones "10,000 registered users, 50,000 registered users"

    I just drive around from game to game with the bus full of extras.    

    Which I'm happy to do.   Plus a few of the people I brought are stoked about the game so now they've branched off and have gotten 15-20 people of their own to check it out.   

    Intrepid did a beautiful referral program for Ashes of Creation and I thought it was the best one I'd ever seen, then I saw Dynamight Studios and how they did it and they actually raised the bar even HIGHER for how they managed the system and the rewards.

  • RofusEURofusEU Member UncommonPosts: 58
    I like their idea for settlements. Abandoned towns turning into haunted places that you must clear out before you can take them over sounds fun :smiley:
  • benseinebenseine Member UncommonPosts: 293
    Can't wait to see the drama in multi guild settlements when a sitting governor gets thrown out.
  • RofusEURofusEU Member UncommonPosts: 58
    Aye, it's gonna be fun for sure  :D
  • LuftwaffenLuftwaffen Member UncommonPosts: 101
    as long as its  real world housing and not instanced!   I know ppl complain about UO housing but its the only MMO that felt like you "owned" a house every instanced housing game I played it just felt like a generic attempt at housing …. and truthfully I didn't care that UO had houses everywhere lol  and UOs issue was partly a small world  compared to what todays games offer
  • XanzoXanzo Member UncommonPosts: 104
    Just played. Its real world housing but low and behold, it's a land grab. Only so many plots. Fail sauce.
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