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Anyone else unable to purchase game or gold?

Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,174
Hello, this is my favorite game right now and I am unable to get a premium or purchased gold right now... I have done EVERYTHING POSSIBLE on my end but nothing works... I have a fresh install of windows and tried 3 browsers... as well as the in-game purchase... first time it failed was 3 days ago. I am trying to purchase 99$ of gold and a premium for my main character GothChick but nothing is working! I've updated java. My credit card definitely works and my account has money... the same account that has been used several times before. Both paypal and my credit card are not working. What may have happened was an automatic payment attempt which would have failed at the end of last month but I was purchasing the sub manually in my head so this was unexpected... I will never be able to have the reoccurring option until much later this year. I have made a ticket 2 days ago and there has been no reply. So it has been down for 3 days for me and I have tried endlessly getting a hold of a GM in the game itself... please help, thanks!

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Albion Online
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