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My chip on the "Mood Piece"



  • OrangeBoyOrangeBoy Member UncommonPosts: 213
    The term “ape-shit” fits well here. 

    I see I got a mild warning since my last visit. Probably because I was a big meany. 

    Sick and tired of this baby society. You guys have got it so good that when it gets rough, you’re not used to it. So you gotta warn the big meany’s before they get too mean.

    Can't you conversely say you're just a big of a baby for letting a warning on a website hurt your feelings or agitating you? I personally have nothing against you, I also have a mild warning, but I think it's just pointless to point it out and lash out on random people lol.
  • ConcernedPledgerConcernedPledger Member UncommonPosts: 3
    facepalming to oblivion
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