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Most recent review was 2015?

meonthissitemeonthissite Member UncommonPosts: 917
How is this game now in 2017?
Did they fix alot of the problems with mechanics for advancement that they had?
Did they improve reputations?
Did they make combat a bit better for clerics in PVE? (aka healer aggro was out of this world)
Would you recommend this game to a friend in it's 2017 state?


  • RohoxiRohoxi Newbie CommonPosts: 5
    Good question. How has this game survived for as long as it has? Why is it still going? Who is supporting it? Certainly not their own development team. 

    Short answer to all of your questions: NO

    There are standing problems with core mechanics for advancement. 
    Reputations are arduous. 
    Cleric aggro is unavoidable and imbalanced. 

    Would this game get a recommendation? NO. On so many levels, NO.

    Don't waste your time, or money, in a game made by a company that doesn't respect it's players. 
  • ultimateduckultimateduck Member RarePosts: 894
    It's sad. Dungeons and Dragons is such a great base for a game. It's hard to watch games based on it fail. Same with Warhammer and Warhammer Online.
  • RohoxiRohoxi Newbie CommonPosts: 5
    The Forgotten Realms lore on which it's based is squandered. The rich source material is merely a vague backdrop for generic uninspired fantasy clone MMO. 

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