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World of Starcraft.

syltmackasyltmacka Member UncommonPosts: 398
whould you play and buy it if made with todays graphics and such?
i whould, im so sick of fantasy and stuff.


  • RobokappRobokapp Member RarePosts: 6,201
    depends what the endgame is like.


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,340
    edited January 14
    if by World of Starcraft you mean a Starcraft mmo that plays like WoW in a third person open world, yes, i would play it.
    If it's just the same RTS with modern graphics then no. I've never been a fan of RTS, i suck at them, and the extreme focus on mouse gameplay kills my hand.

  • MargraveMargrave Member RarePosts: 1,206
    Starcraft MMORPG like WoW?! Oh hell yes I would buy that and play the devil out of it!

    Too bad Blizzard won't do that because they would be competing with themselves. Sad.
  • jazz.bejazz.be Member UncommonPosts: 903
    At this point there are not a lot of new tipple A mmos I wouldn't try if they look somewhat ok lol
  • syltmackasyltmacka Member UncommonPosts: 398
    yea i ment as wow mmo but in starcraft setting.
  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 6,876
    I don't understand why this didn't happen years ago. And yes, I would play it.

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  • xD_GamingxD_Gaming Member EpicPosts: 2,434
    as a starcraft fan, no.
    There is a multiverse inside our minds which millions live.
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  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 13,991
    I'd like that because I like tech fantasy as much as traditional fantasy :)
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  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,432
    id like it cause we know it would play well, be maintained and give the genre another type of fantasy direction.  Even though I have never played Starcraft
  • boris20boris20 Member UncommonPosts: 371
    I would love this. 
    Would be a nice change up. I could see the combat being loads of fun, It would probably be faster paced, given the lack of magic, and more weapons/melee in the StarCraft universe. 

    Imagine going out to farm for some new marine armor, find some badass heavy chest piece for your flame thrower marine, that just looks sick. Along the way an opposing faction zealot comes along. "You've got my attention""Time to Fry"
  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,523
    Amathe said:
    I don't understand why this didn't happen years ago. And yes, I would play it.
    I think the cost of an MMORPG mixed with Starcraft II not being as big of a hit as the first. Also maybe the fact that an MMORPG isn't a guaranteed success, and sci fi MMO's other than Eve have no real major successes (unless I'm forgetting something). 

    I would love a Starcraft MMORPG, or even that Nova game that was supposed to happen. Honestly anything in that universe other than the RTS's would be cool. I guess I could just go play Warhammer 40k games though as those are pretty similar. 
  • iixviiiixiixviiiix Member RarePosts: 2,106
    edited January 14
    Can i play as zerg ? killing protoss , eating human brain and evolute to Ultralisk ?

  • VandarixVandarix Member UncommonPosts: 177
    And it would go something like this.....Introducing Starcraft Immortal coming to Mobile devices... What, Do you guys not have phones?
  • cameltosiscameltosis Member EpicPosts: 2,454
    Probably not.

    I didn't like WoW
    I didn't like Starcraft
    I still don't like Blizzard

    but as with all such things, it would entirely depend on the finished product.
  • mmoloummolou Member UncommonPosts: 236
    Something along the lines of DAOC would probably work well, and be a lot of fun, but it would have to be done right.
    It is a funny world we live in.
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  • CryomatrixCryomatrix Member EpicPosts: 2,900
    I have thought about it for some time and i was thinking something akin to war thunder. I actually really like war thunder . . . 
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  • GutlardGutlard Member RarePosts: 1,018
    Yeah, I'd try that & World of Diablo or World of Overwatch or World of _____.

    Gut Out!

    What, me worry?

  • k61977k61977 Member RarePosts: 1,288
    Wasn't this what they started a few years back, then they scrapped it an turned it into something else, then ultimately just scrapped it altogether.

  • Jamar870Jamar870 Member UncommonPosts: 421
    Was the Starcraft:Ghost maybe?

  • UtinniUtinni Member EpicPosts: 1,845
    Any good sci-fi MMORPG would be nice. Not talking about eve but something more along the lines of AO/SWG.
  • k61977k61977 Member RarePosts: 1,288
    Jamar870 said:
    Was the Starcraft:Ghost maybe?

    Yeah I think that was the second iteration of the project, can't remember.
  • MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,079
    I didnt play Starcraft much if at all. What would a MMORPG Verizon of Starcraft consist of? 


  • EthicZHEthicZH Newbie CommonPosts: 11
    Knowing Blizz they'd probably just create another casual MMORPG that they can milk the franchise off.
  • KumaponKumapon Member RarePosts: 1,317
    I remember there was a group of people that used the Starcraft 2 mod tools, that tried to make a MMO. 

  • EthicZHEthicZH Newbie CommonPosts: 11
    Kumapon said:
    I remember there was a group of people that used the Starcraft 2 mod tools, that tried to make a MMO. 

    Damn, this is with the Mod Tools? Just skipped through the videos.
    Looks like it took a lot of work to create that.
    Hat's off to those who tried.
    Nowadays it would probably be easier to programming an MMO itself and use the models.
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