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Play a fire mage



  • xD_GamingxD_Gaming Member EpicPosts: 2,746
    I used to like fire mages, or fire in general.

    The Shadowbane Templar was my all time favorite.  Having a bounty rune for tracking and being able to pop a ignite onto a rogue, specially the bird people, it was hilarious cause it looked like a chicken on fire running away little smoke trail.

    Second place would be my Demo in Age of Conan.
    Third place would be Hox in Age of Conan
    fourth place would be my Templar glass canon in Elder Scrolls online. 

    Now a days though, I've been getting back into tanking in theme park mmos; Black Desert is just an enigma of what ever I want to do, like being AFK right now processing ore :) , Black Desert does have fire spells , but is more of a rotation of everything then a specific class like aESO or AoC game.
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