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Star Citizen - Carrack, Pisces, MicroTech & Babbage - Gameplay Demo (CitizenCon 2949)



  • BabuinixBabuinix Member EpicPosts: 3,965
    Okay :)
  • MaxBaconMaxBacon Member LegendaryPosts: 7,612
    The armor part of Citcon digital pack

  • NorseGodNorseGod Member EpicPosts: 2,654
    Kefo said:
    Babuinix said:
    Kefo said:
    They mention anything about SQ42?
    Recently in Citizencon they focus on Star Citizen while showcasing Squadron42 in the December's holiday livestream.

    Going back to the Quantum showcase and how it relates with their plans for the economy dynamics of the universe from 7 years ago:

    All you have to do is say no. I didn’t ask for anything else
    Was a marketing opportunity for a 7 year old video to avoid answering the question. Didn't the dated graphics make you forget your question?

    Surely, they will mention SQ42 before the end of the citizenCON, right? 

    Question: Is SQ42 on track for next year? Where is SQ42?
    Answer: <plays cutscene of Kim Kardasian refueling a ship>

    Question: You know, cutscenes is not proof of gameplay, right?
    Answer: <plays cutscene of Gary Oldman staring out a window with his hands behind his back>
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  • BabuinixBabuinix Member EpicPosts: 3,965
    edited November 2019
    The post-citizencon salt never fails to amuse :D

    It's like the cherry on top after the showcase of an awesome icy planet, weather conditions, coop mission, multicrew, carrying a vehicle, jumping to another system and how awesome it all looked  B)

    Haters were probably wishing that the game would crash or that the rover wouldn't make it up the ship ramp so I guess the saltyness is understandable lol
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