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ESO Online the best ever Open Sandbox Versital MMO EVER ?



  • RobokappRobokapp Member RarePosts: 6,174
    It's a great MMORPG, best in class for PvE for sure.  Wouldn't call it anything of a Sandbox though.
    how's large-scale raiding?


  • RemaliRemali Member UncommonPosts: 356
    Wizardry said:
    Well OP,what you are describing is a game that has no integrity for keeping the standards true for what is expected of a TYPE of class.

    If any class can do anything,then there are no classes are there?"common sense".

    There is of course no steadfast definition of what each class MUST BE,but i feel the whole idea of a RPG and the class types should remain true from the early standards set by early games such as DnD.
    We should also have some kind of common sense thrown in as well.Example if someone mentioned a MEDIC within the military field,you would NOT be thinking,dual wielding,magic casting ,full plate armor damage dealers now would you?

    Naturally i am not the person who decides what is what but i have a vast knowledge of RPG's since the time they began back with Dnd and feel i have a good bit of common sense to how each should be designed.

    I mean it is as simple as stating what a Dragon should be in a rpg.They are MYTHICAL creatures,meaning NOT real,but we have all decided and have a VERY good understanding of what a Dragon should be like in these rpg's.

    I see other ideas mentioned that people think are GOOD ideas,i do not share in the same sentiment and have very good strong reasons why.I could even explain using real life examples but i don't feel the need to,simply put ESO...imo is NOT well designed.It is no different than me saying Wow is a terrible mmorpg design,then some would say,oh but millions play it therefore i MUST be wrong.yeah millions smoke cigarettes and do drugs,so they must be ok yes?
    Common sense ALWAYS outweighs ANY and all number factors.Just because millions say something or do something does not make it correct,right or moral or immoral.People simply need to THINK a bit,then decide if an idea makes sense.

    DnD especially 3rd edition has the best classes and races too bad no mmo has given it justice DDO did an ok job but something was missing and neverwinter… well I couldn't get what was dnd about it except borrowing some races

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