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Rerolling Again//

Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,508
So I think after finding enough gear to carry me through most of the Story, I decided to reroll and I will be doing the complete solo story through the three free expansions. 

I completed the first story but after doing some Gambits I still felt incomplete in some ways. 

So glad they went free to play, can't wait to purchase shadowkeep !
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  • DeadSpockDeadSpock Member UncommonPosts: 403
    edited October 2019
    I love the story have started from scratch 5 times the first year, now have all 3 classes fully completed stories but have not played Shadowkeep yet too busy playing Classic WoW.
  • Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,508
    So finally, little over a week to finish the red war without being defeated as a titan. It felt more authentic doing it that way since I didn't have that instant like warlock. 

    I been playing this pretty most  most the time, love the graphics and game play, very smooth. 
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  • Mars_OMGMars_OMG Member EpicPosts: 3,508
    More I play this the more things I find. Chalice system is pretty neat were one can create custom loot outcome for one the raid .

    Really like the gear slots as well, giving a great deal of customization of gear stats. 

    I also didn't know we got our on kind of housing thing ,where we can get bounty tasks and fill it with different kinds of trophies.

    The diversity in  maps, is pretty awesome, the art and execution of  instances are top notch. Probably the best i've played in a while. Been doing the 920 instances, keeps it challenging.

    Another reason I'm enjoying this is , I never over saturated myself with fpsers , think the last one I played was Bioshock infinite. So for me , it feel fresh and fun. I could see if someone who plays just fpses , it might not be as fun because I am sure in this era games have many of the same features. 
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