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Give me some hope!

         I have made a few posts this fine morning with no response. So let me get a shout from all you fine people.

          Just testing the community waters. So, just a "Hiya" would be fine with me. God knows it must be a dying art form.


  • AphexAphex Member Posts: 194

    These forums here are kinda dead as well. I'd recommend going to the official site if you want to talk to people about this game, theres a decent community there.

    Oh, and hiya.

  • TheeThee Member Posts: 22


    *gives Vilendil some hope*

  • shaeshae Member Posts: 2,509

    Word !!! oh and uh... Hi !!!

    And uh, yeah, don't worry so much, alot of people wont always post here but the Dedicated Game Forums are often tricky that way, people keep an eye open and usually check every few days to see whats up. So always feel free to leave a message, someone will pick it up soon enough.

  • shaeshae Member Posts: 2,509

    No more double posts with the new forums huh ?

  • VilendlVilendl Member Posts: 33

    Thanks for the hope!

                  I would normally post on the official forum, but I like being able to jump from game to game. However the more interested I get, the more I might be compelled to do so. Anyway thanks again for your replies! 

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