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What Blizzard should do



  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004
    Took a while to stop laughing.. awesome! :p
  • vandal5627vandal5627 Member UncommonPosts: 788
    Rhoklaw said:
    Rhoklaw said: (Tim Pool)

    To the moderators of this site. I don't want to tell you what you should do, but I'll ask. Please listen to what this guy says (Or someone like him if you don't like this guy, but someone with facts). I think he's nailing it on what Blizzard and other companies are doing.

    To sit here and say "We are closing threads because of a no-politics subject rule" is archaic and no longer reasonable.  There is no separation of politics in gaming anymore. Our games are built around politics now. You can't just shut this down. It's a discourse that needs to happen. 
    No please no, please just close these threads.  All it comes out to is people forcing their bias opinions down each other's throats.  Doesn't help anyone to be informed because there are no facts just people trying to one up the other with their own bias opinions calling them facts.  The discourse would be take your politics elsewhere.
    Than what needs to do is stop bringing politics to the table. They've done it countless times before and again with this story. If politics doesn't belong on this site, don't post political pieces.

    I find it hilariously ironic how they preach, no political discussions, but they still write political pieces.
    MikeB has already made a statement on this.  Not every site is perfect.  There will be instances of this that will happen.  I mean, for as long as this site has been up, I can't remember the last time there was a political piece.  The only reason is probably because blizzard is one of the biggest names that is affected. 
    So, if it's not good enough for you then maybe this site isn't for you anymore.  But for me, I love this site.  I come here daily to read the bickering between everyone here.  It's fun to see the different opinions regarding gaming and all their thought processes even if I don't agree with them I still read them all.  But when it comes to politics in this day in age, there is no compromise or discussion.  It's always hatred between  groups and name calling.
    You realize what you sound like right? Someone just like the people who work on this site. We'll post political pieces and talk politics until we realize our readers who argue against our agenda outnumber us, then we'll shut it down. I don't think I need to remind you exactly what that sounds like, but it originated in Germany a few decades back, lol. Again, don't like losing political arguments? Then don't start them, period.
    Uh you actually just proved my point but whatever, you got me so good.  Good for you.
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