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sign up for beta testing?

i read in the post below that there is a beta testing 2 that starts in june, how would it be possible for me to sign up for this?


  • OculitusOculitus Member Posts: 203
    Just go to the offical page here  and under the community tab on the top left is the Beta sign-up.   That should take you through the porcess from there.

  • theryansicletheryansicle Member Posts: 6

    thanks, i found it :)

    i think in one of the below posts i read they are in beta 2 testing, does that mean it is the open testing or do i still have to recieve an invitacion on the mail? Also i think somewhere i read that someone said they were going to be in the June testing..does a person already know this without getting the email, or did he get an email and it told him when he would be allowed into the testing?

  • OculitusOculitus Member Posts: 203
    They've said that the next round of beta (Phase 2) will start this summer, probably in June or early July.  But, yeah, they will e-mail you with the invite.  I'm assuming this though, as I haven't recieved one yet.  But the beta sign-up is a sign-up for any and all Phases, as it contiunes the number of beta-testers gets bigger until they have the open-beta (with no NDA) shortly before release.  The open beta will probably be in September or early October as they stated a October as the retail release month.

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