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Game Lacks Diversity

WargfootWargfoot Member EpicPosts: 1,804
Elite Dangerous is seriously lacking in the diversity department, which is hard to comprehend since they've new content out in 2018.  
I could understand if the game was 20 years old, but come on guys, let's get with the times.

For example, on the second tutorial mission I'm supposed to 'dock' at a station.
To complete the mission I came in hot, barrel rolled across the surface of a moon-sized station, destroyed my shields, and then detonated.

Why can't we call that 'docking'?


  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,254
    If you think Elite:Dangerous lacks diversity, you may try some of the things that user "rjSampaio" suggested:

    "Elite dangerous dont have a main quest like most other mmo games, but in heart is a RPG, where you define how you want to play it.

    Do you like to explore, as in, that nebula i keep seeing obver there, can i reach it, how colorfull is it, i bet i can get great screen shots from a planet?

    • get a ship whit A grade FSD

    • get a fuel scoop

    • get a SRV

    • say goodbye to your family, you are going on a adventure.

    Do you fell like Han Solo? selling illegal cargo for better profit but in the end you still dont care there are other ships in game, you love that old model?

    • grab a hauler or a fast ship

    • buy/ find some illegal goods

    • reach your destination

    • enable silent running and hope cops wont notice you

    Do you feel that Han Solo always shots first, even to steal some cargo?

    • get some weapons

    • get a FSD interdictor

    • ask nicely first (if its a another commander)

    • dont forget a pet parrot, your a pirate now.

    Your grandfather was a miner, your father was a miner, and you want to strike as well gold?

    • get some miming lasers

    • go to a ring system and start mining

    • hope there are not many other people that have parrot pets around...

    I just like to shoot stuff up.

    • grab weapons

    • fly to the nearest Rez and kill some wanted people. oh, you are the wanted one?

    • Play in open, especially around CG and, there are other captains that are role-playing one of the others.

    For each one of these Roles, there are adequet missions in the stations around the bubble (habitable space around Sol) and if you really want to stick to group take a look powerplay, there is probably one of the leaders that makes you feel like home.

    Some player groups (like the Fuel Rats made a extra efford to provide a better feal of roleplay outside of the norms.

    the game will never end (no end game/story) so apriciate every bit of them, dont fall in temptation to grind credits/reputation, you wont fell better whit a bigger/expensive ship, most people that have them normally prefer small/medium ships.

    last but probably most important, read alot, this game need 3rd party support in some aspects, fell free to ask anything else but check the side links first.

    guides and news of elite plan a ship in advance "

    Have fun
  • GilcroixGilcroix Member UncommonPosts: 257
    If you are a pve only player you can consider .

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