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With the looming trend of classic MMOs relaunches on the rise, the truth will be revealed



  • AAAMEOWAAAMEOW Member RarePosts: 1,369
    People want instant noodle, is hand made noodle better sure, but it's instant noodle that sells really well. it's convenient the same with mmo. for example dungeon match making, you are paired instantly with random people, then you realize they suck, if you repeat it enough time then you begin to think the game suck. But would you rather wait for 2-3 hrs for your friends to come online? One big problem is mmorpgs were supposedly designed to play with your friends, not some random ass stranger, waiting for friends to party is part of the emersion of mmo. The dev think they are smart, but they are not and doesn't understand how to replicate their own success. Hence classic.
    I like pug.  It is fun to meet random people.  

    I actually dislike doing easy dungeon in premade.  It is too much of a pushover, and many try hard try to make easy dungeon as efficient as possible.
  • Shooter564567Shooter564567 Member UncommonPosts: 44
  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,198
    I think the big question will be. When do the move it forward and how long..?

    For how long will the release content keep people hooked and what will they do next. 

    Because... Unless they timelock it.... This new old WoW will slowly turn in to to old new WoW... 

    That is a fun little nut to crack. 

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  • Viper482Viper482 Member EpicPosts: 3,228
    klash2def said:
    smh at people thinking the old MMOs were some amazingly special thing.. they weren't. the games were janky at best and the UIs and mechanics were horrible. There is a reason those games aren't being made anymore. The people playing made it special. 

    Gamers and technology have changed dramatically since 2004.  WoW classic won't last because it's simply not 2004 anymore. Yes, this is in fact Nostalgia that Blizzard is selling to you. Fake Nostalgia. 

    This isn't a true Vanilla experience! they are selling you the perfect version of Vanilla which btw WASNT perfect, and that's the key ingredient. 

    The thing that made Vanilla what it was and the things people remember are the experiences caused by the jank of the times. The blizzard mistakes that players had to experience together. Bosses with broken health pools, trash mobs that one shot, Corrupted Blood bug (lol).. broken spells, op outdoor raid bosses, even the ability to kite Kazzak across the map.. these are all things that the first time it happens its cool, it helps to create the community. 

    Blizzard cant reproduce THIS no matter what mechanics they have in there.. the community will never be the same. I keep saying its not the game, its the community. It's true and we are all about to see it first hand. The community of WoW classic and the Community of Vanilla WoW are two completely different sets of people.

    Once people realize that "it feels different than expected" the nostalgia will wear off. Give it less than a year. 

    And also be clear to the people that are getting butthurt over someone's opinion... just because a person says they believe its going to fail doesn't mean they want it to fail, everyone is just stating the obvious about the nostalgia. It never lasts. Don't expect everyone to feel how you feel about it. Good that you are excited about it and to be honest if you are excited about it, you probably shouldn't be looking in these types of threads anyway, it's only going to upset you. 

    Also would like to point out this is only getting traction because its Blizzard. Many companies have tried to launch classic servers or even create a whole new "Classic MMO" styled game and failed. Blizzard is one of those companies that can do anything and have a maybe it'll stick maybe it won't attitude.. in the case of Classic WoW I don't think it'll stick very long..

    might need more glue. 

    smh at people who think they know what other people should like. Get over yourself.
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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 18,343
    edited August 2019
    I do not believe anything has changed from the old players to the present,it is the TYPE of player that has changed beginning around the time of EQ2-Wow.

    That is because most of those people were still attaining DSl so never played a mmorpg before.They were a breed of the new online gamer,imo much different than the people who were overpaying for internet early on and most likely were on 56k/ISDN.

    Those new gamer's simply saw a new craze and wanted in,much like Wow was the talk of the town so that was the current attraction.

    I would say that i was a different type of gamer because i wasn't even really a gamer,i was more what you would call a jock,sports was my thing.However i always loved tech and so enjoyed computers and one thing lead to another.When i first decided to play a mmorpg,i had a type of design i wanted and sought out,i was not like the typical gamer that just sees a new game so buys it.

    My philosophy on gameplay/design has not changed at all,i ALWAYS wanted these mmorpg's to improve to a certain design i expected all along.I fully understood limitations,bandwidth,what devs were capable of so of course i accepted what was given for that era.What has happened since the early 2002-2005 era has been abysmal,extremely poor effort,very low cost builds.It became apparent the industry was now TOO large and could not afford to compete with each other.

    So then all these money gimmicks arrived,different devs trying different ways to attain our dollar but NONE of them trying to improve the mmorpg genre to where it SHOULD be at in 2019.
    Who to blame,well if you had a vision for the genre like i did,then we blame the consumer.However most of those 2005+ mmorpg players imo never had a vision,never wanted to see a mmorpg reach new heights,they saw it as a race,hurry up and finish the game to say I WIN,then move on to another game.

    You will know what type of rpg p[layer you are if your goal is to WIN or to reside/immerse in a world.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • iixviiiixiixviiiix Member RarePosts: 2,183
    It would be nice if they do alter lores . If i remember right , the lore of warcraft kind of mess up now
  • fcweddfcwedd Member UncommonPosts: 196
    Mobile Battle Royale is the future, brother!

  • TwoTubesTwoTubes Member UncommonPosts: 281
    Please realize that when released wow already had many of the systems in place that are still causing issues today.  It isn't a good example.
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