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Resources that can't be used by you. Your opinions on it?

anemoanemo Member RarePosts: 1,901
So how do you feel about resources that your character can't use?   And are chosen by design to be purposefully so.

We've seen the worst implementation of this in Diablo III where such systems were used to force you to use the real money auction shop.   Sticking with Blizzard there were a few OLD WoW quests that gave you "consumable out of class" features like Stun in early levels, normally even if you did use these you would out level them a little faster than you would reasonably use.

Generally speaking most MMOs tend to reward "group wide" in content with most drops being useless to all but their intended class.   Depending on your opinion this is a case of "As it should be" or a case of "That's bad design".  

Some of the best power leveling mechanics in some games like Runescape will end up generating a vast surplus of "stuff" that feed into other skills that you might not care about.   Or a slayer mission might make you "stuck" grinding out mobs that mostly drop "out of build" gear.

Then I guess there are a whole range of old style classes that were able to provide a wide range of buffs to other players, even though typically they weren't all that useful to themselves.

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    I don't think your terminology is correct. 
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