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Blizzard Provides Update On Overcrowded Realms in World of Warcraft: Classic -



  • PalebanePalebane Member RarePosts: 3,623

    People are so dumb, I swear.

    Vault-Tec analysts have concluded that the odds of worldwide nuclear armaggeddon this decade are 17,143,762... to 1.

  • ElonMuskElonMusk Member UncommonPosts: 64
    Do they have numbers anywhere on this "Crowd"? I'm pretty sure Blizzard is making this bigger than it really is. I was one of the people that wanted Vanilla Official realms back in the day, but now, I have 0 interest in even trying it out. MAINLY because Blizzard didn't do it the way we originally asked. We wanted Vanilla Official realms on the 1.12 client like we had it on Nos. One server with a population of 3500 or so and that's it, let us play and leave us alone.

    What blizzard is doing is dumbing down the legion client to look like vanilla (Taking a shorter,cheaper route.) Also there is layering/Sharding which was the VERY reason I stopped playing WoW. Once I learned I no longer had a home with the same people I'd see every day, really killed the community vibe. Being able to visit that player grinding mobs for that specific item to see how he's doing was important to me.

    Now if you do it, there's 3 or more layers on the same realm. Meaning I can visit that grind location and see that guy there, come back 5 hours later or whenever, and he can be on another layer and I'll see someone else instead or no one. There's also a really good chance I'll never see him again. People try to explain this in forums over and over again, but you can't get around it with explaining it in even the best way possible, Layering is Layering and it will never be 1 guaranteed realm the entire time.

    What will make up of most of classic wow population is of Esfand and Asmongold and other streamers and their crews, no lifing it for a few months with their viewers following them around the whole time. Once they all realize there isn't a ton of loot to go after like in retail, they'll all return. Let's no forget all the mods/addons that are already available. I was hoping the community was really going to abandon the idea of using addons to help them through a CLASSIC version of an old game. I mean, wow, deadly boss mods, in classic wow.

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