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WoW-Based Movie Being Made

zipitzipit Member Posts: 487

   Had to happen sooner or later, every excec. wants a slice of the WoW pie.



  • shinseikazeshinseikaze Member Posts: 6
    what next, warcraft toys? 

  • NeonShadowNeonShadow Member UncommonPosts: 326

    Originally posted by shinseikaze
    what next, warcraft toys? 

    Ehm.. There ARE WarCraft toys allready.
  • MalianeaMalianea Member Posts: 314
    The head of Blizz was even quoted as saying they are going to make one of the best movies ever.

    So, so vain.



  • GreyhammerGreyhammer Member Posts: 29

    Will it be as good as the Dungeons and Dragons movie?


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