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Who Agrees?

That territory in WoW should be contestable...Wat i mean is all the territory own by the horde in wow should be able 2 be taken over...and vice versa(the other way around.). It would be soo kool if u could get a bunch of friends together and have a little war 2 try 2 take a horde/alliance city, village, port,etc... It would be awesome 2 be able 2 try 2 conquer the world of warcraft!

Who Agrees?



  • GrimReapezGrimReapez Member Posts: 463
    And this belongs in The Pub, why?

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  • ixontesixontes Member UncommonPosts: 317

    Originally posted by GrimReapez
    And this belongs in The Pub, why?

    I agree. I was looking for a choice of "Who cares, I don't play WoW"
  • katriellkatriell Member UncommonPosts: 977

    For the love of all that is cute, fluffy, and prone to dying due to massive head trauma, never replace "to" with "2"...liek zomg...!

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  • meakersmeakers Member Posts: 38
    Could be interesting, but it sounds like something for new zones introduced in an expansion.
  • xuinashaxuinasha Member Posts: 117
    he is new guys.. just probely randomely joined.. but anyways we should move the topic to WoW forums on the left side which has all games listed for MMORPG.
    and otherwise to asnwer this question
    yes I think we should have contestable areas and make it gainable and losable.
    but we also need to let only SOME areas.. not towns aviable for that and make it in PvP instance.s. why you ask?
    disadvantage:intefering in PvP servers for quests..  also for RPG and low lvls doing quests and others trying to just enjoy the game with full perspecttive.
    otherwise if they make quests and let you go into instances such as the pvP and take over areas.. it would be great :)..
    instead of valley of peaks for the huge 40man raid v.s. 40 man raid. -_-


  • ChaosKinChaosKin Member Posts: 50

    I was looking for the "I don't play WoW" option myself.  I also agree that it should be moved over to the game specific topic.  On a side note though, I like the idea of contestable territories in general.

    Good luck and good gaming.  Cheers!

    Bringing Chaos to your locale.

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