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What the hell am I missing here with ESO?



  • DEATHRAMENTDEATHRAMENT Member UncommonPosts: 700
    I don't like the combat at all
  • DarkswormDarksworm Member RarePosts: 1,028
    edited June 2019
    talking about Cyrodiil PvP , as much as GW2 pvp get bashed its 100's of times better then Cyrodiil PvP  crapper dumpster fire
    That's because GW2 PvP is better structured.  Also, while GW2 has distinct Metas, they do have more classes and the classes are more diverse because you aren't dealing with cookie cutter weapon skill trees, etc.  This makes it more interesting, in terms of gameplay.

    It was probably designed [initially] for eSports, before they gave up on that; due to the legacy from GW[1].

    People will cling onto any game with a decent player population now, since so many are dead and the genre has been in such a slump, for years.  Numbers don't really say much.  When something good comes out, people will hop to that without issue, and you might see one or two of the "populated" games fall off the map.

    Look at the threads complaining about WoW players going to ESO.  People are bored, so they move around, and typically choose the more populated games because they are the most "long term viable."

    No one will start from scratch to invest hundreds of hours in a dead game.  Only old-timers who are too invested to walk away are stuck in those (EQ, L2, EQ2, AoC, etc.).  That, or people too poor to pay a subscription or buy a box.
  • tweedledumb99tweedledumb99 Member UncommonPosts: 290
    Tiller said:
    I'm having a really hard time liking this game. That's a problem because I want to jump in to the hype of the new expansion, as well as play a bit of the last one I missed. 

    Here are just some of the issues I have

    The combat to me seems absolute shit- I feel like it's just a race to download a red line than actual fun and engaging combat.  For real, water gun balloon race at the county fair is far more exciting and has more tactile feedback then this games combat does. Why is dodging so hard and ridiculous looking? And what the hell is the point of wielding a bow in this game? I feel like I'm shooting nerf arrows.

    Animations are wooden- Between the Stick-in-ass running technique and the fact that my avatar looks pretty unsure of himself when wielding a knife, especially when running with it is a total immersion killer for me. I wanna feel heroic, unlike my RL self.

    Clothing on avatars looks painted on- Seriously, I can't be the only one who notices this. Unless my eyes are missing that third dimension, shit looks pretty flat to me. I blame the game engine, Hero Engine to be exact. I kind of wish they never used it.

    The map- It isn't as horrid as other games I've played, but it's definitely missing details I like seeing in maps, like placement of NPC, POIs with minor details ect. It's like Google Earth Vs Yellow pages map.

    No mini map- The fact that you see others standing around holding horrible maps all the time tells you that there needs to be a mini map built into the game. But-they thought it would be cool and hip to have a compass like in Skyrim. Granted you can use the many mods that are are offered to make things like not having a mini map seem less sucky, still doesn't fix the combat though.

    Stories- Stories are decent, some feel like filler quests with no real point at all.  I will set out to do a quest, listen to 10 minutes of dialog and think, this is going to be a great story adventure. So I set out on what I think is going to be a grand adventure head to the first place.. pick this up, do this, look at that, rescue that person, put out fire ect then run back and the quest giver is like, " here's 2 silver -ok thx bye" Little anticlimactic. So many filler quests like that. Glorified kill 10 rats like with any MMO, but it feels like more of let down  because of the build up compared to other MMOs lol.

    Voice acting- At times I feel the acting is as good as local bar improv night.  Most times you can even recognize the same voice actors in many stories. It's kinda like listening to your uncle Ned telling a story with different voices (if you have an uncle Ned, I don't). It's really hit or miss. I found myself at times wanting to hear the story being told, other times I'm like clicking to get them to shut up.

    The game world-  At times it can be visually stunning, from a distance, then you move up close to some buildings and notice how drab they look with really low quality textures that look as good as a crappy Java game from 15 years ago with no real shadowing. Even with all settings on ulta, nothing looks super impressive. Where's my Ultra? Again, I blame Hero Engine for this.

    Menu navigation-Built for game pads, clunky AF, nuff said.
    -Actually it's not enough, the first item on the menu wants to sell you loot crates, wtf, I can't tell you how many times I accidentally brought out that stupid swindler, maniacally flipping though his card deck like some back-alley NYC card hustler staring at you like he's gonna take you for all you are worth. All I was trying to do was get to something else.

    The UI (or lack of)- This has the worst customization of any MMO I have ever played, and I have played a lot of MMOs. Something as simple as adding pots to your hot bar is major fail.  It should really be as easy as open inventory-drag-drop. But no, you must open inventory, press Q to bring up a radial run you mouse around the radial to find the slot you want, then drag and drop, again built for game pads.

    Bugged quest spawns- This is hella annoying, and it's sad this issues still persist with some of the quests. I like being able to to run from one end of the map to other doing quests along the way, when one is broken it screws up my mapping flow.

    No player market- Not a huge deal, but man I wish I could sell some crap I have cluttering up my inventory to other players who will over pay for it Vs selling it to a fence or turning it to crafting scrap.

    Crafting- Not as as exciting as it could be, and considering how crafting is such a snooze fest for most people in MMOs, that says a lot. 

     To be fair  I want to like this game, I feel like I need to like it; and I feel bad I have so many issues with it.  I will admit to an extent I find myself enjoying it from time to time, though that time is not right now. Maybe  it's because I have other games I would rather be playing, I don't know. Everyone talks up this game so highly, it must be good, or are you all just ignoring the obvious?

    What do you guys like about the game? What Am I missing here?

    Edit: I'm still not ready to give up on this game yet. Beyond some of the issues I have, most have never stopped me from enjoying an MMO before. I'm thinking it might be the class I'm playing that kills the combat for me. I usually like ranged DPS with the ability to finish off melee mobs up close of the move in on me. Thinking some type of caster tank. Does anyone have any advice on what class combinations to play? I've been playing a Nightblade with As/shadow but it just feels lackluster.

    2nd Edit: I am currently giving this game another go, thanks for the feedback.

    This is the best review of ESO that I've read and I don't even know if it was an attempt at a review.
  • razor247razor247 Member UncommonPosts: 125
    The game should be called copy pasta....every instance is the same boring thing no matter the location..each dungeon same 3 things its silly really. There is no content, they just use the same thing and name it different....nothing is epic in this game its just face roll..repeat... Noone groups for much, dungeons last 9min at most...as a MMO its a joke
  • LimnicLimnic Member RarePosts: 1,116
    Not sure when it was originally wrote, but most armors have mass and shape to them. The original gear they launched the game with was flat, yes, bit they at least have made a effort to minimize that over time.

    Also interesting opinion of the bow when it's one of the higher dps weapon types in the game.

    Even the radial, which is described as drag and drop by their own statement, seems derived more from unfamiliarity with more of the controls. Or even the case that you can mod the UI to address certain perceived failings.

    Player market, similarly, does exist. You can sell much of your stuff through guild vendors.

    Not sure where they are referring to drab textures and no lighting/shading for environment existing.

    Some quest spawns do get bugged. Relatively frequently even. However half the time its "I missed an objective and have to backtrack" and not actually a bug.

    Dunno what they want out of crafting, unless they focus on it as it's own vein of gameplay, the presentation is simple so it can compliment the rest of the games core gameplay. It has more granularity to choice in making an item than most any other modern games with the exception of FFXIV. SWG and Ryzom are perhaps the only others to have a more involved yet still logical crafting system.

    I can keep addressing that list, but ultimately so much of it seems to be either reflex opinions from shallow takes, or rather questionable as a statement itself.

    Now don't get me wrong, ESO is flawed. Very much so really, but when the criticism is levied at the prolific amount of voice acting or the similarly prolific amount of quests to dredge up something finite, it's kind of a hard stretch just for the sake of a complaint.
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