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Mechastorm II Launches into Heroes of the Storm with New Skins & Chen's Rework -

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

imageMechastorm II Launches into Heroes of the Storm with New Skins & Chen's Rework -

Mechastorm II has officially launched into Heroes of the Storm. It comes complete with new skins for Yrel, Valla and Malthael as well as the new Seraph Wing Mount. In addition, players can also score new sprays, voice lines, announcers and more. As for hero updates, Chen has been reworked from the ground up to retool some abilities and add some new ones.

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  • yonpachiyonpachi Member UncommonPosts: 132
    Does anyone still play this game?
  • LimnicLimnic Member RarePosts: 1,116
    It surprises me every time I see news about this title.

    I do actually think I enjoy the type of variety in play style that they've managed to capture with it more than other games of it's kind, but they hucked it into the genre late as a more casual experience that simply was not taken seriously, and likely never will be.

    At least with Overwatch they were smart enough to nail down the distribution channels to blast that game at everyone's face before pitching it out there.
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