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Atlas so bad they had to pay a hundred or so streamers to run a special event



  • rertezrertez Member UncommonPosts: 229
    rodarin said:
    Not sure if this counts as a 'necro' or not but since there hasnt been a single post started about this abortion in six months I didnt think starting one should break the streak. But a six month update...

    But is was predicatable that once streamers stopped getting paid the game would 'die'. But as we have found out seems many 'big' time games have streamers being paid to stream them, and as it turns out Atlas was bought and paid for for a large discount compared to some of the other (in)famous pay to play (and hype) games that have come out recently.

    As gamers we might have to revamp a over used term and make it our own. Forget fake news its now fake gaming....

    Honestly I expected to see a much lower CCU on the above Steamcharts link when I clicked it.
    An average of 4k+ CCU is surprisingly good for a game with mostly negative reviews. Games with a couple of thousand CCU usually have a MAU of 100k+. I'm really surprised to see ATLAS being in the Steam top 100 in terms of concurrent players. Without knowing the exact MAU it's pretty safe to say that at the very least this title has tens of thousands playing it every month on Steam. If not more than 100k...

    I know what ATLAS is and how its launch went and seeing this game still being popular on Steam is interesting to say the least. I'm not a fan of this genre and I have never played ATLAS so I have no idea about the current state of the game in terms of dev support and updates. In fact I haven't heard of ATLAS since January.
  • GasketGasket Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    Atlas support/development is terrible, check this out:

    Hi, i was playing my pathfinder about 10 minutes ago suddenly i was disconnected from the server, when i went to log back in to my suprise i was logged in and was prompted to create a new pathfinder i have spent alot of time and effort getting to lvl 77 and raising my max level by completing power stones and discoveries.

    Changed Status to Closed
    At this time we are unable to provide assistance for this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will be utilizing the information you have provided to assist us in resolving this problem via technical/development resources.

    And people wonder why this game is in decline, top effort.

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