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how long will the next beta's take?

*im an man whit an moher that wont let her son pay for internet games(mmorpg's)*

i want to know how long the beta's gonna take, becouse i want to play as much free as i can


  • Distortion0Distortion0 Member Posts: 668
    See, it's people like who are killing beta testing. I play betaqs because I have crappy computer and can't afford to dish out $50 on a box game just to be unable to run the game. You should never try a game you don't intend to buy...
  • pyro9219pyro9219 Member Posts: 21

    Thats not completely true.... I beta test games for several reasons, one of which "will I like the game"... Beta tests give the community a taste of how the support and dev team are going to be... Beta's are also a great "trial period" concidering that currently most major MMO's dont offer them, or have some strange limited system tied to it. Beta testing also gives users a way to test out their uber rigs on the greatest of code to man so that people whom dont have huge gaping wallets dropping presidents along the ground as they walk prepare for saving to get suitable hardware for when they and their friends plan to have a guild in retail. (Or move a guild from another MMO, should the guild leaders like the game enough) Which opens another reason people playing beta's to "play for free" are OK. Helps to bring guilds into another game, and being social creatures, money or not, people will follow the crowd just to be part of the gang.

    Software development companies already factor people that aren't bug trapping into their beta slots for more factors then you probably would think of off the top of your head. Thats why so many of them require self worded "why I want to play" boxes, as well as full system specs and "what have you tested before". Lots of business psychology involved in the process of making a survay if you truly care about your feedback.

    As for the person in the first post that only wants to play because its free... He's a salesman for the company even if he's to cheap to buy it. He gets to talk to his buddies at school and/or work and tell people about "wow this game rocks more then your momma". In which, even if 1 friend decides to pay for the $50 box, the beta "hook and reel" was a complete success....

  • HerakHerak Member Posts: 20

    Must agree in everything pyro said. I just want to add "Beta Test" and "Stress Test" are 2 different stages inside the Testing...
    Stress test its not usually fun since its the very last part before the game goes to the store, which means major downtime for 24/7 bug fixing / scripting. If I were you I wouldnt even bother myself doing this for a game I know I wont be able to play/buy.


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