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Earth is not in its true Atmospheric State the Greenhouse Earth but it will be

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"Earth is more commonly placed in a greenhouse state throughout the epochs, and the Earth has been in this state for approximately 80% of the past 500 million years, which makes understanding the direct causes somewhat difficult."
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"During an icehouse Earth, greenhouse gases tend to be less abundant, and temperatures tend to be cooler globally. The Earth is currently in an icehouse stage, as ice sheets are present on both poles and glacial periods have occurred at regular intervals over the past million years."

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    Rank Country Age-standardised rate per 100,000
    1 Australia 33.6 
    2 New Zealand 33.3
    3 Norway 29.6
    4 Denmark 27.6
    5 Netherlands 25.7
    6 Sweden 24.7
    7 Germany 21.6
    8 Switzerland 21.3
    9 Belgium 19.9
    10 Slovenia 18.6
    11 Luxembourg 16.5
    12 Ireland 16.3
    13 Finland 15.8
    14 UK 15.0
    15= Austria 13.6
    15= France (metropolitan) 13.6
    17 US 12.7
    18 Czech Republic 12.6
    19= Canada 12.4
    19= Italy 12.4
    "Some 940 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year in Israel, which has one of the highest rates of that type of cancer in the world. "

    Solar radiation management (SRM) projects are a type of climate engineering which seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming. Proposed methods include increasing the planetary albedo, for example using stratospheric sulfate aerosols. Restorative methods have been proposed regarding the protection of natural heat reflectors like sea ice, snow and glaciers with engineering projects. Their principal advantages as an approach to climate engineering is the speed with which they can be deployed and become fully active, their potential low financial cost, and the reversibility of their direct climatic effects.

    Solar radiation management projects could serve as a temporary response while levels of greenhouse gases can be brought under control by mitigation and greenhouse gas removal techniques. They would not reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere
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    Have you read original papers from Nature and Science?
  • KingNaidKingNaid Member UncommonPosts: 115
    Have you read original papers from Nature and Science?
    no link it
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