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Inside Star Citizen: Hover Over Origin | 3.5 Ep. 7

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 2,646
edited June 10 in Videos Discussion

imageInside Star Citizen: Hover Over Origin | 3.5 Ep. 7

It's Friday, so it's time for the latest Inside Star Citizen where viewers get a sneak peek into the development of the game. This week, more ship customization is shown through "luxurious looks at the Origin 890 Jump" and then heads off for the "thrilling world of VTOL hovering".

Read the full story here


  • HeyMarceHeyMarce Member UncommonPosts: 70
    Many supporters day: scam game
  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 9,518
    HeyMarce said:
    Many supporters day: scam game
    Clueless posting again.

    500 developers working hard on Star Citizen.  Reports for the crowdfunding backers every week.
    Development plan and timetable available for anyone on the homepage.

    For me personally as a backer the "Its ready when its ready" is fine.

    Have fun
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