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'Gaming disorder' deemed an official illness by World Health Organization



  • p4ttythep3rf3ctp4ttythep3rf3ct Member UncommonPosts: 161
    While capitalism and big pharma are a real issue, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all mental health issues are scams. A year ago I suffered the worst, and my first, panic attack while driving. I literally turned into a drooling vegetable behind the wheel (after first thinking I was having a heart attack, and then a stroke as I began to lose body control). It left me in the hospital flopping around like a fish out of water for three hours. I’ve now had a year of CBT, EDRM (which Gave the best results so far) and chose to enlist a psychiatrist because at the age of 42 I literally lost the ability to drive in the blink of an eye. The psych tried some SSRIs which totally sucked in my case, and since that date if I have to drive I either need to get drunk or eat Xanax (or risk another panic attack which has happened...usually they are just anxiety attacks though). Mental health issues are very real and sometimes therapy isn’t enough, certainly not in the short term, not in my case. I clearly don’t enjoy having to take Xanax to drive, it kinda ruins the day...imagine having to Xanax out just to go to work, it blows (I work from home now, 4/5 days of the week as a result...I don’t anticipate a raise or bonus this year as a result of loss of FaceTime with my team and boss); but until I can get behind the wheel of a car again without being a clear and present danger to myself and other people on the road I am happy to have the option of some medication. 

    That's just, like, my opinion, man.

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