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Slow by design as a feature...Great !



  • WedlenWedlen Member UncommonPosts: 140
    Wizbuiz said:
    I WANT 200 spells, utility spells, flight, levitate, fun spells makes the game for me. Thats what i hate what had become to wow, u got 40 spells, all damage. We need some fun spells, like night vision, glowing wisps, transform form, change race, shapeshifting spells, whatever makes it fun to be a wizard. and ill gladly have 50 damage spells on top of that, since it aint pvp focused it shouldent be a problem imo.
    Give me what Guildwars 1 was. TONS of spells. All customizable bars and a builds as you progress through one main story. Not one story per area. You felt original and needed. You felt like yours could be better than someone elses. Now everyones the same all the time. All builds are the same. Nobody could ever touch what Guildwars1 did.
  • AdamantineAdamantine Member RarePosts: 4,430
    I was bored to death in Guild Wars after three days. One generic quest after the other. Only eight abilities. Gameplay wasnt interesting no matter which class I tried.

    Please set a sig so I can read your posting even if somebody "agreed" etc with it. Thanks.
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