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Intel announces that Ice Lake is coming to laptops later this year

QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 24,583

It's rumored to be in limited quantities, though not nearly as limited as the effectively canceled Cannon Lake.  Intel also claims that they're now far enough ahead of AMD on process node that they can build an integrated GPU that is competitive with AMD's laptop integrated GPUs.  At least if Intel gets to pick the benchmarks, likely to be things that are CPU limited.

Meanwhile, the clock speed goes down considerably as compared to their 14 nm parts.  The new process node likely allows them to offer more performance in a limited power envelope than their 14 nm parts could.  But from previous Intel announcements, their early 10 nm parts will likely offer less performance than their latest 14 nm when not power constrained, such as in a gaming desktop.  A supposedly leaked roadmap has Intel not offering desktop parts on 10 nm until 2021.

So basically, Intel's 10 nm process is still a train wreck, but there should be real laptop products based on it later this year.  It will probably be most interesting for low power laptops where long battery life is critical.  Intel fares a lot better than AMD on low idle power consumption, and AMD moving to 7 nm isn't going to fix that for them.


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