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DarkmastershDarkmastersh Member Posts: 205
Hi Im considering buying EQ Platinum but before i do ive got some questions

Should I start playing in da Progression Server? The advantage of choosing this server is that I can easily find ppl of the same lv

Should I try playing in a normal server an enjoy everything EQ has to offer? If so, which server do you recommend?

Just remember I havent played this game b4


  • VistrixVistrix Member Posts: 3
    First of let me say welcome.

    Next thing, I dont know what other MMO's you have played but, imo as well as some other long time mmo players will tell you that eq was and is the best mmo of our time thus far, if you have never played then get ready for an experience. I will warn you tho, it is not as "user friendly" as some current games. However, it has endless amounts of things to discover, and always has something to do. So my reccomendation would be to go ahead and start on a regular server, I play on the nameless, feel free to look me up if you have any questions. My name is Yiuu.

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  • DarkmastershDarkmastersh Member Posts: 205
    I´ve played Anarchy Online and Ultima Online. Just how difficult is EQ? Is it ike FFXI?

  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406
    The Progression server, according to what I have read, is due out in June. If you want to play now in the meantime, Stromm seems to have a lot of lowbies.

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  • ChaosKinChaosKin Member Posts: 50

    Welcome to the madness.  Yes, Stromm is/was one of the latest servers created so it should have lots of folks out there.  EQ is not hard especially not for someone who went through UO and AO.  Again welcome to the addiction.

    Oh and if you are buying Platinum, you really won't get anything from the Progression server, as it is "locked" until people unlock the lore that leads from expansion to expansion.  Just hazarding a guess, but there will be a few dozen hardcore gamers who will work to be the uber folks who unlocked the lore and thus make names/legends of themselves.

    Good luck and good gaming.  Cheers!

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