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Would you play a 2D MMORPG In 2019?



  • DibdabsDibdabs Member RarePosts: 2,841
    I don't even look at them.  I didn't get a good graphic card and 32 gig of RAM in order to play 2d games.  :)
  • DMKanoDMKano Member LegendaryPosts: 21,174
    edited May 15
    Dibdabs said:
    I don't even look at them.  I didn't get a good graphic card and 32 gig of RAM in order to play 2d games.  :)

    Gameplay > all

    Having a nice game PC only enables you to play more demanding games at higher settings.

    It doesnt limit you from playing low demand games at all - 2d games would play just fine as well heh
  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 5,732
    I suppose, on a day when I was tremendously bored, I might still play a side scrolling hop and bop in 2019. But I would have to pass over a LOT of other choices to get there. Same for 2D mmos.  

    EQ1, EQ2, SWG, SWTOR, GW, GW2 CoH, CoV, FFXI, WoW, CO, War,TSW and a slew of free trials and beta tests

  • DauzqulDauzqul Member RarePosts: 1,980
    4507 said:
    Assuming it had innovative and deep gameplay with a non-P2W business model, could you get over such a game having 2D graphics, either isometric or Gauntlet-style topdown? 

    I would love a full-blown Diablo 2-style MMORPG. However, if it looks like Final Fantasy from the NES, I wouldn't be into it.

    I WAS, however, interested in Smedley's Hero's Song game.
  • danwest58danwest58 Member RarePosts: 2,011
  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,452
    Buy a game that tries to sell me ancient 1980's tech,does a LOT less than it should because of it's 2D design,why would i buy it?
    It is like asking if i would pay more for something less,it is pretty much a no brainer.I mean you could argue ...well what if it was a really good well design game,well then i would say give me that same well designed game in a modern engine with modern tech.

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  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,262
    I would if it was fun. Games don't have to be 3D to look good.
  • Vermillion_RaventhalVermillion_Raventhal Member EpicPosts: 3,934
    Yes I would.
  • TheocritusTheocritus Member EpicPosts: 7,036
    Ashen Empires? I think that was the one that was a pretty good 2D MMO.
  • AdamantineAdamantine Member RarePosts: 4,276
    I am desperate enough to do so, yes, but I doubt it would help.

    Vanguard has spoiled me.
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  • MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 6,945
    Myrdynn said:
    if Diablo 3 and POE, Grim Dawn are considered 2D then absolutely

    That's true but I like a 3/4th aspect over top down 2D.


  • TofkeTofke Member UncommonPosts: 339
    Sure as long as the art style clicks with me, the story is good and the gameplay is on point... why not. I still play 'classic' games and their graphics don't throw me off. The early 3D era is harder to appreciate though. :p
  • IncomparableIncomparable Member UncommonPosts: 1,112
    If its the same kind of content but made for 2d then I wouldnt.

    to play a 2d game then a single player story, or a puzzle game, or something tailored specifically as a 2d game.

    Playing something that is 2d combat, mindlessly killing NPCS for exp, for x amount of hours per day... I dont think I can do that. 

    I simply do not have the patience for that.

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