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I'm spoiled /w Anniversary Events

Prime_DirectivePrime_Directive Member RarePosts: 1,712
I began playing this game again with out eveen knowing the anniversary event was going. Now that I know it is happening, it feels really weak for 5 years. 

Think what has spoiled any mmorpg's anniversary is Black Desert Online. I revieced roughly 50million silver worth of items  in BDO and a lot of extra things like a Butler and MAid in years past.  Getting so much silver and items in BDO pretty much makes any anniversary event in any mmorpg really dull. 

ESO giving us a cake ... woopdeedoo lol .
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  • NazloklessNazlokless Member UncommonPosts: 37
    every ESO event has a buff to xp item its also a collection item too btw, they also usually have quests for bigger events such as winter event.

    50 mill silver all that does is increase the prices over the server so actually worthless on the scale of things as everyones got it, so that dont impress me much tbh. I aint playing any mmo atm but i would prefer an exp buff over a massive currency drop.

    Also is the BDO economy still based off of people buying things from silver and also the RL Cash tokens/shards whatever they use for microtransactions included as a gift from the buyer?? as that was one of the reasons i quit. 
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